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Psychology in the Selection of Police Psychology Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Psychology in the Selection of Police


Psychology in the Selection of Police
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Psychology in the Selection of Police
The majority of police work relates to human behavior, including witness interrogation and dealing with hostage situations where knowledge in psychology is relevant. From their role of responding to accidents to the questioning of suspects, police officers have a higher interaction with people, especially those at the worst times of their lives. The ability to communicate effectively and clearly in stressful circumstances is essential in enhancing the effectiveness of policing. During a crisis, police officers have to remain calm and complete their duties. Knowledge of the way people think and factors that make them do certain things can help police officers listen and respond to the issues at hand and make an informed decision. The use of psychology is vital in helping the officers become excellent communicators and offer both hard and soft skills essential in their careers. It will also help them in the acquisition of competencies and knowledge required for the development and sharpening of critical problem-solving skills. Therefore, this study will focus on the application of psychology in police officers' selection in terms of the knowledge base for policing, its application to police work, role in research, and as a direct service.
Psychology Testing in Police Selection Process
Police selection refers to the procedure used by police agencies to determine the most suitable applicant for training. Psychology application to police officers' selection has been one of the significant components of the process, primarily through the performance of psychological evaluation by a qualified psychologist. It includes considering a selection strategy, conducting a personal interview, and psychological tests battery administration. The recruitment of applicants demonstrating the required qualities is essential in enhancing their future success in the profession. Psychologists use this strategy in the evaluation of the suitability of a person to join law enforcement training. One of the ways used by psychologists to collect select-in data relating to the traits and job skills include the performance of the job task analysis. The continuously evolving police nature can result in selecting applicants with skills and attributes that are no longer vital to perform their duties. Despite the increased use of select-in criteria to recruit officers, the stakeholders do not have a consensus on the required qualities to succeed throughout the profession (Strom et al., 2016).

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