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Pyschology Psychology Research Paper Coursework Essay (Research Paper Sample)


The Psychology behind Colors and Furniture Set Up


The Psychology behind Colors and Furniture Set Up
The Psychology Behind Colors and Furniture Set Up
Geometric Shapes and colors have fascinated art and medical scholars for centuries, especially because of their emotional effects on human beings in terms of memory and cognition. According to Augustin (2015), color has a profound impact on the human mind, and it affects moods. The psychology of color revolves around brightness and saturation, where saturation stands for pure color while brightness represents the degree of lightness of the color. Playing around with colors makes a room more appealing and less intimidation to the patients, helping them to open up. Shapes also have a similar effect on emotional psychology, and according to ScienceDaily (2018), there is a correlation between forms and emotions. Hence, to create a favorable medical atmosphere, incorporating shapes and colors is fundamental to promoting networking and socialization in the medical congress’s recreation area.

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