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Mental health emergency care Psychology Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


the paper was about mental health emergency care, its significance and how mental health care awareness may be promoted in society. It outlined the various ways through which mental health awareness may be promoted in society by both personal initiative and the government.


Mental Health Emergency Care
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Mental Health Emergency Care
Mental health is key for the well-being of an individual and the whole society as well. Therefore, mental health is a collective responsibility. For instance, if ten people become insane, the government will have to set aside resources to deal with those patients, funds which could be used in development projects elsewhere. The time used to attend to the patients could also be used elsewhere in production to grow the country's economy. The loss incurred by the family is also unbearable. Mental health issues range from stress, depression, trauma, and if prolonged, some brain cells may be damaged beyond a certain point that could result in insanity. Dealing with mental health problems from as early as little stress periods would prevent one from reaching insanity levels. Besides, each individual should have a knowhow of handling their stress. Moreover, there should be plenty of specialists to help those suffering from stress and depression. There should be a psychiatrist positioned in every locality to attend to small mental issues. In the worst case where someone would need close monitoring, there should be well equipped and readily available psychiatric hospitals, not just wards. In recent decades, mental illness cases have been rising significantly, thus the need to take immediate action.
Training in Learning Institutions
The government should introduce a curriculum that has incorporated mental health studies at all levels, just like it has done with First Aid. In the basic levels, students should be taught ways of keeping themselves free from mental health issues. Most likely, some of the children undergo or have undergone trauma due to family issues. The basic levels should major in solving trauma, a common and ignored problem among children, yet having the potential of causing disastrous effects in the future by resulting in problems such as mental health problems. For instance, a child who watches their father come home drunk and violent could be undergoing trauma, and all they need is to be taught how to handle that. The high schoolers are more mature and should be taught how to handle someone undergoing mental problems. In the universities, mental health should be introduced as a common unit, to pass the knowledge to everyone who goes to the university. This strategy would help the government apply the principle of dealing with an issue as it arises, since the trainees would identify and deal with a mental issue early enough, to prevent it from advancing to mature stages. Besides, the government should encourage more students to take mental health as a course, to avail more psychiatrists, and avoid a gap left by those retiring CITATION Ann18 \l 1033 (Zink, 2018). High enrollment rates can be achieved by lowering the entry grades, availing more resources, and increasing the salaries paid to psychiatrists, to motivate the students. Since it is a collective responsibility, all trainees in the medical sector should undergo training on mental health to deal with patients in the early stages of mental illnesses.

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