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Aims and Objective of Islamic Tourism (Research Paper Sample)


this sample is based on islamic tourism where many people travel to mecca for a religious visit. islamic TOURISM is based on the fact that MUSLIMS travel for their RELIGIOUS BELIEFS only. the islamic tourism has the problem facing it these are inadequate FINANCES, climatic CONDITIONS, health problems, and others


Islamic Tourism
Student Name
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For some time now the concept of Islamic life style in terms of Islamic tourism as well as finance has been flourishing into becoming a significant aspect of the global economy. The continuous rise in awareness and growth of numbers of Muslim tourists and Muslim tourism industry participants has encouraged offering of unique products and services which are specifically developed to suit the Islamic principles and cater for the requirements plus the demands of the Islamic tourists (Zamani‐Farahan and Henderson, 2010). However, this concept is quite fresh in both the global tourism hypothesis and practice. This idea of Islamic tourism can be classified as economic, cultural or religious conservative. For this we can term the concept of Islamic to Islamic tourism as a balance of notion of life which not only involves achieving pleasure while on trip but also relating tourism practices as a bridge to find happiness in the process (Duncan,2012).In this paper we will analyse the general Islamic tourism concept including the challenges in this sector in relation to
Aims and objectives
The aims and objective of this research is to analyses the Islamic tourist concept. This study will involve learning the fundamentals of this sector and some of the challenges in the sector.Also in this research we will put into consideration the ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates.
In this research my main method of data was collection was through a section of recruited online interview on some of the Muslim tourists that had visited non-Muslim states. I also applied some structural equation prototypical analysis in order to investigate and analyses various impacts of the Islamic tourism like Halal tourism traits on target destination images as well as behavioral intentions.
Time requirement
The duration needed to finish this research project will be specified. In this case the research projects won’t be rejected incase the proposed duration will not be similar to the time specified in our project report. Nevertheless, any alterations should be justified. Additionally, the schedule for the start and every phase of the task will be included.
Major Islamic destination for ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates
According to this study, Europe emerged as the most popular arrival.
Ranking on arrival
1. France
2. United States of America
3. China
Ranking on destination
1. Turkey
2. Malaysia
3. Saudi Arabia
4. Morocco
5. United Emirates Arabs
The Composition of the worldwide Muslim Travel Index for ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates.
Global Muslim travelling index

Criteria for arrival

Area one
Areas Suitable for holiday destination, family sociability as well as safety

Criteria 1. Muslim visitor arrivals
Criteria 2. : Family and friendly holiday destination.
Criteria 3.Safe travelling environment

Area two
Muslim friendly amenities as well as services present at the destination.

Criteria 4: Eating preferences plus Halal assurance.
Criteria 5: Easiness of accessing praying places Criteria 6: presence of airport services and amenities facilities
Criteria 7: Availability of accommodation options

Area three
Halal alertness as well as reach out to Muslims through the destination

Criterion 8:Presence of Muslim travel market alertness as well as reach outs
Criteria 9: Easiness of communication

Findings analysis
According to the research analysis, Islamic tourism is emerging as a modern phenomenon in the hypothesis as well as practice of worldwide tourism sector. has been an influx of services as well as commodities developed to specifically to serve the business as well as leisure segment of the Muslim tourist in the global scale. Additionally in the recent years, the Muslim tourism sector has witnessed the rapid increment for the last years and is among the first growing sectors (Kovjanic, 2016).The rise has been from 145million dollars in 2014 to approximately 245 million dollars in the recent statistics.
On the other hand, According to this research, all the 57 members’ states of the OIC emerge as the major source for the worldwide Islamic tourism sector. Based on the recent research, more than 78 percent of 1.6 billion Muslims leave in these countries. The resource rich member countries in the Middle East remain the major participants for the Islamic tourism. In the research, Saudi Arabia is graded first according to the Muslim tourism expenditures of $17.8 billion. The second on the list is Iran while the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Indonesia and Malaysia follow subsequently (Taheri, 2016).
Challenges and Opportunities for the Muslim tourism
Among Muslims Islamic Tourism has been established as recent concept. However, in spite of all the encouraging developments in this sector, this sector is still disjointed by the assortment of the denotation of Halal, the income level, the level of awareness level, location of the site as well as interpretation and understanding of religion. According to this study, these are some of the challenges witnessed in the process of enhancing the Islamic tourism practices globally (Kessler, 2015).However, there are some of the specific challenges which is limiting this growth as well as available opportunities that has emerged due to the rise of this sector.
Challenges facing Islamic tourism
Despite the rise of Islamic tourism there some challenges that this sector is facing. Basing our examples on ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates .Some of this challenges includes, inadequacy of unified as well as global standards plus, 2011) certification (Duman, 2012).In this case there are no incorporated global halal standards as well as certification planning for this sector of tourism. Example, in major OIC member states, there is no official body at the national level which ensures standards in hotel sectors and destinations based on the Islamic needs.
Another challenge is the financial constraints witnessed in this sector. Since this sector is fresh in the global tourism sector it has not received adequate financial resource. However, maybe with the recent development a number of investors will find it worthy to invest in this sector (Shafei and Mohammed, 2015).The growing number of success stories for this sector will definitely capture their attention.
Additionally, there is the issue of gender, In a lot of Muslim state countries there is a lot of discrimination when it comes to the issue of female employment in this sector. This rises due to the adverse cultural and social rules set in the society. Also, in some states women are forbidden from travelling alone. This in the process negatively impacts the global Muslim tourism as a good number of Muslim are restricted from travelling by default hence removed from this sector.
Another challenge is the dissimilarities in the influence of the Islamic values as well as beliefs. This difference is in term of understanding as well as influence of the Muslim values plus their beliefs ( differences are also witnessed in the tourism sector growth policies. In this case some countries are welcoming while others are quite hostile conservative as well as less interested.
Opportunities in the Islamic tourism
Islamic tourism has been a source of opportunities for both the Muslims and non-Muslims globally. Some of the opportunities are the potential growth in the economic sector. Majority of the Islamic member countries are well established in form of basic infrastructure as well as settings for meeting the requirement of Muslim tourists. This development means that this stated benefits heavily from the Islamic tourism sector. For this reason, growth of Islamic tourism has played a critical role in the economic development as well as prosperity globally.
Another benefit of the Islamic tourism is the Innovative tourism commodities .These sector has created opportunities for some countries to package traditional pilgrimage as well as religious tourism experiences incorporation of the activities related to culture as well as heritage hence making tourism packages unique and innovative. Additionally, on the issue of destination and Islamic heritages there is a rise in opportunities which involves developing plus marketing for potential designing Islamic friendly as well as cultural tour packaging (Battour, and Ismail, 2014).Also the of social media platforms like internet has provided an important communication tool for the advertising, positioning and marketing of the Islamic tourism commodities and services globally.
In conclusion the impact of the increased awareness on the social, economic as well as cultural potentiality for Islamic tourism has led to the growing interest in the Islamic tourism sector globally. in fact in the recent years, tourism has been a significant aspect of the OIC growth agenda .For some

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