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An Approach to Witnessing the Gospel (Research Paper Sample)


This paper was about writing an approach to witnessing the gospel. It required us to read about jones stanley model and come up with a model of our own. furthermore, i was to illustrate on the importance of religious pluralism and to note how the church propmotes it in the society. lastly, i was to look at the relational and propositional truth and state why relational truth is more important than propositiona truth.


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Topic: An Approach to Witnessing the Gospel
Relational evangelism is a strategy of evangelism that emphasizes the benefits of developing friendship relationships with nonbelievers and people of different faiths as a foundation for sharing the gospel with them. Some Christians who have attained salvation frequently criticize and reject it because they see it as a flaw. Managing such connections in today's society is challenging and stressful because we live in a judgmental world. But it didn't start today; the religious authorities of His day rejected Jesus for mingling with tax collectors and sinners. "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick." His response highlighted both His heart for and pursuit of the lost: "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick." I have come to summon sinners, not the virtuous" (Mark 2:17). As a result, relational evangelism should be promoted and used as a means of reaching out to sinners and resulting in the greatest number of individuals accepting salvation.
The church has been at the forefront of relational evangelism and has been an inspiration towards the same. We've seen numerous forums hosted by members of all faiths, where they invite everyone and share the gospel and teach salvation. Once a month, for example, small groups in a Los Angeles church organize a party. Christians in the group welcome their non-Christian acquaintances, allowing for the formation of Christian ties. Furthermore, marriages between couples of various religions are becoming increasingly popular. Despite this, the church distributes various things and materials to other people in times of need, regardless of their religion or denomination. This demonstrates that the church works for the common good of all people.
Other religions still believe in relational reality, and it is more relevant to them. Propositional truth, on the other hand, offers a limited perspective and may be a barrier to Christians' salvation. Propositions without context result in dusty, useless subject understanding and icy orthodoxy (Van Gedler, 1999). Meaningless sensations and flights of imaginative nonsense emerge from experience without theological underpinning. This is because even if an atheist knows what the Bible says about Jesus, he or she will still be without eternal life. Jesus Christ has set for us an example when He says,” I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). This assertion alone satisfies the requirement that all truth be relational.
A better scope of witnessing the gospel is provided by the Stanley Jones model, which contains main features such as understanding of evangelism, the centrality of Jesus Christ, dialogical respect for other religions and the Christian experience grounded in scripture and tradition. I'd like to add a few addit

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