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Border Security (Research Paper Sample)




Border Security

Research Topic Statement
Numerous insurgencies have resulted in a vast exodus of people seeking to flee their homeland (Travers, 2019). Many countries have been trying ways to deal with the massive stream of immigrants and safeguard their boundaries so that outlaws do not reap the rewards of the crisis to infiltrate countries at a sensitive point. More significant military and security trends heavily influence, sometimes adversely, our capability to confront a diverse spectrum of security attacks near the United States borders (Welch, 2016). Given the extent and size of these difficulties, they will almost certainly necessitate various policy core competencies from across the Homeland Security agencies.
In the U.S.A., installation of drone technology is done for homeland security, and pseudo entities with widely divergent agendas to establish their own uncrewed aerial vehicles defense systems (Koslowski & Schulzke, 2018). Border protection drones have opposed political, policy, and humanitarian ramifications. Drones may save immigrants' lives as they make risky trips across jungles and over turbulent seas, but their intrusion into non-military threat detection may negatively affect security. Secondly, drone monitoring compromises confidentiality while introducing new governance structures (Brady, 2016). Furthermore, drones may eliminate some apparent security measures, such as fencing, even while providing an undetectable security system that stretches across national borders. These paradoxical consequences assist in explaining the convoluted preparation and implementation processes that underpin drone border security initiatives in the United States and the difficulty in determining if drone surveillance is worthwhile.
The Department of Homeland Security’s principal mission is to prevent extremists and their armaments from crossing the border while embracing all lawful passengers and businesses (Brady, 2016). Between 2015 and 2019, at least 104 Jihadist radicals crossed the U.S. border via long-haul refugee flows tactics, proving the feasibility of a hitherto speculative extremist traveling tactic across borders (Baker-Beall, C. 2019). Additionally, 28 out of 104 migrant terrorists identified between 2015 and 2018 effectively carried out attacks. For instance, they killed 180 people and injuring 890 others (Dawson et al., 2016). According to the article it led to the detention or killing of thirty-eight people when organizing suicide bombings while 38 people were arrested for illegally collaborating with overseas extremist groups. Department of Homeland Security officers and agents are responsible for enforcing all existing American laws and those prohibiting uncontrolled immigration, narcotics trafficking, and illegal imports. The Homeland Security entity's purpose is internal protection, but obtaining a tolerable level of preparedness, mitigation, responsiveness, restoration, and resiliency necessitates actions that go beyond our borders (Givens et al., 2018). This research aims to find out the border security and its threat to the United States Homeland Security.
Relevance and Significance of Research
Relevance to Field of Study
Border security threats put a significant strain on Homeland Security agencies in far too many ways, the first being the devastating impacts it takes on their well-being (Bailey et al., 2016). The emotional, psychological and physical well-being of the people who serve in the security departments is a critical concern in criminology, and all those aspects must be adequately met to provide a conducive working environment for the people. The second is that the cost of investment on the pieces of equipment like drone technology is costly. If threats at the border are going to be averted, investments in new technology should be made. Aircrews can transmit better defensive intelligence to law enforcement counterparts while also recording vital investigation data (Burns, 2018). The data is also helpful on the battlefield dues to its richness in forensic information that helps intelligence operatives to avert any impending security threats on the U.S.A. borders.
Relevance to Professions
Acknowledging the necessity of implementing significant total expenditures in compliance capabilities and enhanced organizational tactical awareness are being made to handle the changing composition of undocumented immigrants and safeguard border security (United States Department of Homeland Security, 2017). According to extensive studies, all occur as a consequence. Furthermore, no security firms are exempted from practical training and empowerment to monitor threats across the U.S.A. borders. A significant number of threats have already occurred from within the American borders, 

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