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The Impacts of Industrialization and the Greenhouse Effect on Agricultural Policies (Research Paper Sample)


The Impacts of Industrialization and the Greenhouse Effect on Agricultural Policies


The Impacts of Industrialization and the Greenhouse Effect on Agricultural Policies
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The Impacts of Industrialization and the Greenhouse Effect on Agricultural Policies
Several problems surround the agricultural due to increasing industrial growth. Such issues have been on the rise since industrialization began. The rate of C02 emission differs from one country to another since the number of industries in each area also differs. Addressing the greenhouse effect and industrialization for the promotion of agricultural production requires the collective effort of different audiences like the public, the policy experts, and the agriculture experts. The impact of industrialization and greenhouse effects on agrarian production, therefore, remains an international concern with this industrial era where pollution due to carbon dioxide production is increasing at a higher rate. The paper accordingly explores various aspects associated with industrialization, the greenhouse effect, and their contribution to agricultural production.
Problem Statement
One of the main problems associated with increasing industrial pollution is the emission of carbon dioxide. Ideally, carbon dioxide is one of the leading causes of environmental pollution as it plays a role in the realization of greenhouse effects. Through the continuous carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, the temperature has increased across the globe since the pre-industrial time, thereby affecting the agricultural activities. The condition that contributes towards the change in climate is coupled with other physical and health impacts, such as increased cases of floods, droughts, storms, and heat-waves (Zhao et al., 2018). Such conditions, therefore, adversely affect the life of people and the entire ecosystem.
With extensive growth within the industrial sector coupled with a high carbon dioxide emission rate, the level of concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased to over 400ppm (Wu et al., 2019). This is regarded as the highest level of carbon dioxide deposition in the atmosphere for over 800, 000years. Through these trends of increase in the amount of C02, other countries like the United States of America predict an increase in summer precipitation, which occupies between 10-15 percent, which influences agricultural activities (Wu et al., 2019). The elevation in the level of summer precipitation will be coupled with higher temperatures, which will significantly interfere with average human, animals, and plant life. The higher amount of C02 emissions in the atmosphere will contribute towards a reduction in agricultural productivity in the future. For example, the continued increase in the amount of C02 in the space has provided towards difficulty in predicting the right time of plant to thrive at a particular time of the year. Such a change in temperature is characterized by the scenario where temperature changes as 33.27, 35.23, and 36.03 for Memphis (Wu et al., 2019). This has dramatically affected the date for planting crops, thereby influencing the level of productivity.
The effects of increased Carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere are demonstrated as shown below;
Source: Wang & Wang (2019)
Similarly, with a high amount of C02 deposition in the space, the amount of rain realized in different parts of the USA has reduced over the last few years. This has significantly influenced average soybean production in separate areas. Notably, the amount of soybean yield compared to the healthy climate has reduced about 71% about the GFDL scenario but was minimized by only 23% percent when examined under the GISS scenario (Wu et al., 2019). The main reason for the reduction in yield under the GFDL scenario was due to a reduction in the amount of rainfall in different parts of the country as a result of the high amount of carbon dioxide in the space (Hou et al., 2018).
As part of the greenhouse effects on agricultural production, most countries have recorded a decrease in arable land. This is due to adverse weather changes coupled with drought and floods. The drought had generally led to an increased number of drylands that do to support any agricultural activity. In contrast, the wave has washed away fertile soil for agriculture, thereby affecting food production, making it difficult to maintain food security Wang & Wang (2019). All these areas result in an increased number of industries accompanied by greenhouse effects. Similarly, the flood has increased the number of lands covered with water hence reducing the space to carry out the agricultural activities adequately.
Identify Audience
Since carbon dioxide is an industrial contaminant that has effects in the atmosphere, addressing the pertinent issues requires a collective role by a different audience. First, the effective implementation of the measures to curb C02 emission in the atmosphere requires public contribute since there are most affected by such industrial contaminant (Hou et al., 2018). The public will champion against the continuous emission of the untreated gaseous materials in the atmosphere to promote a healthy environment as an increase in industrial development continue to hit different parts of the world. To ensure that agricultural production is maintained throughout the season, the public will be consulted for them to provide information regarding some of the factors affecting their ability to produce sufficient foods as the industries continue to grow (Wu et al., 2019). This will help in ensuring that actions taken do not hinder the agricultural but rather reducing the greenhouse effect and boosting food production.
The other audience required in this process is energy policy experts. Such persons have an essential role in ensuring that companies emitting carbon dioxide take all the necessary precautions to avoid any potential harm it has in the atmosphere. The policy experts are capable of changing the perception of the owners of the industries to ensure that all the gases that are produced by the company do not harm the ecosystem. The other essential role played by the policy specialists in this context is to ensure that strict rules are available to monitor the operation of different companies, thereby reducing the amount of carbon dioxide produced.
Besides the policy experts, the practical realization of the environment which is free from industrial effects will require experienced individuals from the field of agriculture. Such individuals will help in understanding the trends in agricultural production with an increase in carbon emission. The pattern will, therefore, be appropriate in setting the C02 to a level that is the desired amount that supports crop production and promote food security across the globe (Zhao et al., 2018). The idea here is to adopt a suitable way to reduce the greenhouse effect through the use of expert-supported methods.
The international agencies may also help in the war against carbon dioxide discharge into the atmosphere and greenhouse effects. The contribution of the governmental and non-governmental organizations may play a role in ensuring the availability of some policies that reduce the emission of C02 due to industrial activities. The international agencies also help in providing funds to support the livestock projects, which assist in bringing down the greenhouse effects Wang, & Wang (2019). The funds provided by such agencies may also in research to come up with environmentally friendly methods of ensuring that industries do not produce carbon dioxide to a level that is a detriment to the agricultural production progress in different parts of the world. This can go a long way to enhance food security.
Background on Issue
The carbon dioxide emissions from the industry have been changing dramatically since the time of industrial existence. C02 is one of the greenhouse gases; the change in climatic conditions has also been witnessed in different parts of the world, thereby influencing the productivity of the land. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere differs from the countries. For example, the amount discharged by the industries is higher in Russia and China, with the United State being below the average (Wang, & Wang, 2019).
Below shows the carbon dioxide emission by different industrial sectors;
Source: Wang & Wang (2019)
With the increasing establishment of industries in European countries and other parts of the world, about 31% of the C02 is from the electricity and heat industry, 11 percent are from the transportation industry, 6 percent are from the forestry industry. On the same aspect, about 72 percent of the emissions are from energy production industries in different parts of the world. With increasing development within the industrial sectors, the discharge of C02 into the atmosphere, such areas contribute to over 72 percent of the entire greenhouse effects (Zhang et al., 2020).
The graph below shows changes in carbon dioxide due to industrialization;
Source: Wang & Wang (2019)
The industries across the globe contribute about 36 billion tons of C02 throughout the year, and the figure has been on the increase. The change in the establishment of the industry contributes towards more enormous emission inequalities where the poorest C02 emitter provides about 1% of the emissions hence increasing the vulnerability of different countries to climate change (Pei et al., 2019). The emissions of carbon dioxide from industries into the atmosphere have, however, gone through some transitions over time, thereby leading to an increased need to observe the clear air policy....

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