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Unleashing a “Blitzkrieg”: The Holocaust in Poland Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Investigates the major political, social, and economic developments, international relationships, scientific breakthroughs, and cultural trends that have shaped the various global regions and nation-states from 1900 to the present. Emphasizes the interactions of global regions and nation-states.


Unleashing a “Blitzkrieg”: The Holocaust in Poland
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The Holocaust had many faces of chaos and atrocities. It ravaged numerous places and constructed numerous death camps which became a site of millions of dead Jews – leaving a picture and memory of horror and terror. With the occupation of Germany of its neighboring states, Poland was one of the most devastated countries struck by this onslaught. In this paper, the unleashing of Blitzkrieg in Poland would be examined and how this onslaught changed the dynamics of Poland during the Second World War. With the term Blitzkrieg being usually applied in the context of warfare, as a military tactic geared towards having a swift victory through the use of potent concentrated attack, this paper operationalizes this term to lean towards the idea of occupation.
This paper would present the German extermination of the Polish and other Jews, the administration of the Blitzkrieg in Poland, and highlight the continued resistance that influenced this course of event in World War history. In this exploration the question “how did the Holocaust affect Poland during the Second World War?” would be explored and as an answer, it is the position of this paper that the Holocaust have affected Poland in various ways from it being pillaged, ravaged, and its people being decimated.

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