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Crowding and maasking. Communications & Media Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Discuss crowding and masking


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Masking and Crowding
The processes that explain the crowding phenomenon remain mostly unknown. However, lateral masking suggests that crowding processes are complementary to those of ordinary masking. However, the differences between lateral masking and crowding remain unclear, and the various author uses these terms exchangeable. It is crucial to regard that both crowding and regular masking are uncommon occurrences of masking. Characterizing crowding and distinguishing it from masking is vital in the understanding of object identification. Recent studies show that the characteristics of masking can be noticed in overcrowding. However, academics allege there are no shared features between the two visual phenoms. Whereas masking is involved with putting together data over a period, crowding is affected by consolidating data over an area (Maric, 2015). This paper aims to address the comparisons and contrasts amidst visual masking and crowding, proving that they have distinctive methods even though they appear related. Also though these events may share some characteristics, making them seem similar, overcrowding is distinct from masking.

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