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Leadership and Team Management Management Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The paper required me to research about The Role of Communication in Alignment of Strategy.


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The Role of Communication in Alignment of Strategy
Communication is the core of managerial effectiveness, which means that managers need to have clear perspective of their capacities to communicate as well as be aware of any challenges in the process. Business leaders take a lot of time establishing organizational strategies. However, in case goals are not identified and coordinated on a continuous basis, the best-laid plans will be inappropriate. In this regard, communication comes in as a key undertaking in strategy implementation (Thompson and Beardwell, 2017). The goals should be achieved through interactions of managers and employees through reports that can lead to better alignment of plans, monitor milestones, as well as make course amendments where necessary. Indeed, it is evident that the quality of the connections among different aspects in the process will determine if the communication event would be successful. In this case, the question remains if the send uses the right language or images to develop a message that can be interpreted by the receiver. Looking at the case of Emirates Airlines, something lingers in association with communication as a key player in alignment of strategy in organizations. In this regard, the communication in the company regarding the new strategic move to survive through the COVID-19 pandemic has been done externally only through Reuters. The case study does not provide any form of evidence where the information has been relayed internally to employees through the inside communication mechanisms. There is so much that would change in Emirates including the reduction in fleet capacity, fleet numbers, links with Fly Dubai, and task distractions among others. All these changes are likely to affect employees as one of the key stakeholders in the company. In this regard, the human resources department is mandated to enhance the welfare of workers and that they work in tandem with the goals and mission of an organization. Through this obligation they are responsible for communicating appropriately to employees regarding matters that would affect their operations. Internal communication through emails, memos, or meetings would be appropriate for Emirates to have an effective change as it strives to get through the new coronavirus pandemic effects. In this regard, it would be appropriate for Emirates management to train and create awareness regarding the communication procedures to the human resources department and invest in information conveyance channels that would help employees remain updated about any form of pending or occurring changes influencing their operations.

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