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Project Management for an Event Management Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The report seeks to plan a project launch event carefully, ensuring that it fits the organisation's calendar, and combines both formal and informal ceremonies


Project Management for an Event
TABLE OF CONTENTS TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u TASK 1: THE PROJECT INITIATION DOCUMENT (PID) PAGEREF _Toc4842047 \h 31.0. Introduction PAGEREF _Toc4842048 \h 31.1. Project Scope PAGEREF _Toc4842049 \h 31.2. Project Timelines PAGEREF _Toc4842050 \h 31.3. Budgetary Allocations PAGEREF _Toc4842051 \h 31.4. Project Objectives PAGEREF _Toc4842052 \h 41.5. Project Management Approach PAGEREF _Toc4842053 \h 41.6. Key Staff PAGEREF _Toc4842054 \h 41.6. Stakeholder Analysis PAGEREF _Toc4842055 \h 5TASK 2: THE WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE PAGEREF _Toc4842056 \h 6TASK 3: THE MAJOR EVENT RISK REGISTER PAGEREF _Toc4842057 \h 9TASK 4: A REPORT TO THE PROJECT SPONSOR PAGEREF _Toc4842058 \h 104.1. Introduction PAGEREF _Toc4842059 \h 104.2. The need for a strong leadership PAGEREF _Toc4842060 \h 104.2.1 Agile PAGEREF _Toc4842061 \h 114.2.2. Waterfall PAGEREF _Toc4842062 \h 124.2.3. PRINCE2 PAGEREF _Toc4842063 \h 135.0. References PAGEREF _Toc4842064 \h 14Appendix 1: Budget Allocation PAGEREF _Toc4842065 \h 16Appendix 2: Assumptions PAGEREF _Toc4842066 \h 17
1.0. Introduction
Projects can be of diverse nature, such as building construction or even managing an event, among many others. For a project to succeed, it must be managed within given timelines, budget, and the stipulated scope. The aim of the project management report is to plan the launch of the three projects of QA Higher Education (QAHE). QAHE has completed the refurbishment of teaching rooms and computing labs in London, Birmingham and Manchester. The new infrastructure is to support the learning environment for both teaches and the students.
1.1. Project Scope
To plan a project launch event carefully, ensuring that the event fits within the university’s calendar and combines both formal and informal ceremonies. There will also be celebratory activities were foods and drinks are shared among the attendees as well as the invited guests and dignitaries. This project must be planned within this scope, and stipulated time and within a budget limit of £50,000.
1.2. Project Timelines

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