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Social Issues Related with Mental Health Disorders (Research Paper Sample)


This task is about mental health disorders such as depression, addictive behavior, anxiety and schizophrenia and how the society relates with such patience. This study shows that often the society has distant themselves from people sufferring from mental illnesses which further worsen their condtions. The paper indicated that discrimmination and stigma are great contributors to increased number of mentally ill persons. The study shows that such individuals needs love, help and treatment so that they can recover to their normal capacitation.


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Mental Health Disorders Social Issues
Mental health disorder is a vast scope of mental health conditions affecting the thought pattern, behavior, and moods of the victim. Some of the mental illnesses include; addictive behavior, schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety disorders (Scheid 3). The society has treated this condition with a lot of stigma and the patients have been for long isolated from the society. According to Social reaction Theory, two deviant social categories (primary and secondary) are created. The primary class asserts that people with behavioral and mental disorders are not acting within the norms of society, and the secondary deviance arises after society has stigmatized a person (Young, 944). This paper seeks to explore the predicaments people suffering from mental disorders suffer in society by examining the literature “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Gilman.
Discrimination and stigma can worsen a person’s mental health and impede that getting help and treatment as well as their recovery. A combination of substandard housing, social seclusion, and below-par are direct contributors to mental disorders. Therefore, prejudice and taint can engulf individuals in a cycle of illnesses (Corrigan, 58). “The Yellow Wallpaper” is literature written to target the 19th-century society at a “quitting home.” The abandonment home in this literature used by the persona is a symbolic mockery used to define how society subject people with mental disorders in hostile environments, as seen in the next paragraph. The persona presents a woman ailing from after-birth depression. She suffers depression after child delivery, typically arising from psychological adjustments and changes in the hormones, weariness, and postpartum depression. She is secluded and left to associate with a fixed clock of events. Her situation curses her since she is interdicted from conveying herself through writing the only way she can break loose from the bondage of depression, and instead, the condition neighborhood is steering her more insane (Dosani 720).
Social networks have a positive psychological impact. Research shows that social isolation triggers mental disorders; however, when an individual has supportive relationships and friends, neighbors, and family, they benefit from their mental health. With depression, she is taken to solitude with the window fixed with bars. The picture that prevails here is a typical prison. She is alienated from her loved ones, including the newborn; it is a clear indication of stigma since her freedom of normal interaction is curtailed. She is caged in deserted property, an old nursery used by children. To worsen the already bad situation, she is put on a grounded bed as if she suffers a chronic illness. ‘I drowse on this ferocious immovable bed, restrained down’ (725). A typical setting of a prison.
Man is a social being. A good number of people that lived in seclusion, like researchers in Antarctica, reported

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