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What Causes Global Warming (Research Paper Sample)


I have attachments of what I have so far so you can work off it. Argumentative research paper, MLA format, min. 6 pages, min. 4 references with citations from each. references from school library. Most show non bias opinion leaving audience to make their own opinions. I have created topic/ thesis statement, works cited and outline formatted MLA. will upload graded parts of paper that Professor has reviewed and graded. Grading will be submitted to for authenticity. can not have more then 20% otherwise 0 will be given with possible expulsion. I would done this myself but do to virus pandemic I have little to no time to complete it in time for due date. Thank you and if any questions or concerns please don′t hesitate to ask.


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Global Warming
Human activity has been blamed for the rising sea levels, melting glaciers, and dying forests. According to scientists, releasing heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere as human beings power their modern lives is to blame for the current predicament that the Earth is in. Researchers claim that greenhouse gases are at the highest now than they have ever been in the last eight hundred thousand years. Global warming as it is scientifically known is believed to be the cause of various changes to the Earth's climate. Proponents of global warming believe that carbon dioxide and other pollutants are to blame for global warming because they retain sunlight and solar radiation in the Earth's atmosphere, making the planet hotter. Despite this, there is a growing contingent of scientists who question climate change dogma. According to this group of scientists, temperature data does not show clear recent warming. Moreover, they hold that if global warming did exist, its benefits would be higher than the costs. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere have increased since the 18th century. When most people think of global warming, they think of hotter days and melting ice caps, but there's a lot more to it than that. Scientists are every day coming up with discoveries of the increasingly more concerning global warming. On the other hand, some believe there is not enough data to support that this global threat is taking place.
The last century has seen the Global sea-level rise steadily with the recent decades recording the highest increase. With higher sea levels, the Earth is bound to experience deadlier storm surges that push further inland than in the past, which consequently causes flooding. Research estimates that nuisance flooding that is both disruptive and expensive will rise by between three hundred percent to nine hundred percent within coastal communities in the United States than it was fifty years ago (HORN 1). The rise in global sea levels is caused by two leading causes that are warming of the ocean increased 

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