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Border Wall Social Sciences Research Paper Research (Research Paper Sample)


the task was about carrying research on the border wall that President trump had ordered to be built between usa and mexico. The sample is about the reasons as to why trump want the wall to be built and the reactions of the americans towards it


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Border Wall
The border wall refers to the border wall that is supposed to be built between the southern border separating the United States and Mexico. It is during his campaigns for the presidency when Trump promised the American citizens that he would build a great wall in the border between Mexico and the United States. The topic about the border wall has proved to be very controversial in the sense that majority have disagreed to whether it is a good idea or not. The reason behind his promise of building a great wall between the two countries was to prevent illegal migrants from Mexico getting into the United States. In order to cover this topic extensively and more importantly to understand the financiers of the border wall as claimed by President Trump, I would discuss the following areas. The genesis for the idea of building the border wall. The reasons why he promise the American electorates to build the border wall when elected to highest office in the land. Also, I would discuss the reactions of the Americans regarding the idea of building the wall separating Mexico and United States. Lastly, I would discuss how President Trump plans to raise the funds that are needed in order to facilitate completion of the border wall.

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