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The World Hunger Social Sciences Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


Examine theories of world hunger


World Hunger
There is a huge disparity between the residents in the developed countries and less developed countries, especially regarding access to food and other basic commodities essential for living. Many agree that “suffering and death due to lack of food, shelter, and medical care are bad” (Singer 466). It is imperative to understand the root cause of hunger experienced across the world. Moreover, the solution for the challenges of the adverse world hunger lies in establishing moral and ethical frameworks for ending poverty and ensuring equitable distribution of wealth. In his book, World Hunger and Moral Obligation: The Case against Singer, Arthur contends that the wealthy people, compared to millions of population living in poverty, make assumptions that once their necessities are catered for, the remaining money is theirs to spend as they wish (241).
It is important to examine the issues of world hunger in light of John Mill Stuart’s philosophical moral theory of utilitarianism. The guiding supreme principle of Mill’s utilitarianism theory is the assertion that a moral action should produce the greatest happiness or pleasure, while minimizing pain or unhappiness for the greatest number of people (Mill 3). Mill’s theory lays emphasis on the importance of valuing happiness and life for all human beings. Contrary to the utilitarian pursuit for greatest happiness and value for human life, hunger propagates despair, suffering and death across the world.

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