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Paying with your Face as Recent Technology in the 21st Cc (Research Paper Sample)


When you find a topic you want to address, the following questions may help you get started: What have people previously discussed regarding your topic? Has anything changed? What are the core points and controversies of your issue/topic?
What information will you find as evidence and research about this topic?
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Paying with your face
Paying with your face has been a recent technology in the 21st Cc. It was introduced to reduce handling of cash and to make payments convenient. Research has shown that the technology has gained high acceptance among the young people and young professionals. Afuah (2000) reported that people in the age of 25-45 years have been willing to use the technology. However, it has not achieved acceptance from the aged who feel it’s insecure and could lead to leakage of privacy information.
For instance in China, there has been high adoption of technologies especially to payment modes. Research has shown that China is a world leading technological economy. Through Alibaba it has been able to achieve a lot in the payment section. The paying with your face was an advance of we pay and Ali pay in China and has recently diffused to other economies.
Knight (2017) reported a need for increased awareness of the technology as it has not been understood by many. In addition, there has been scanty information regarding the technology. A lot more people have not had enough exposure to really understand how ones face could be used to make payments. Adoption of technologies in all sectors have been characterised by awareness and a decision to use. A study by ,,, revealed that with regards to paying with your face, people are not aware of the technology and thus adoption becomes a problem which explains why adoption has been relatively low.
Growth of the technology cannot be compared to others like Pay pal, Wepay and Alipay that have received considerable attention with ultimate high success in the regions of operation. Like google pay, which has dominated the global market, Alibaba proposed use of paying with your face to improve on security as transactions would only pass when the owner is present. However, the intention was not achieved as the technology has not been adopted at a high rate. This is indicative that the rate of adoption is low due to lack of awareness.
Effects of paying with your face
The effects of the technology are positive as well as negative. Like any other technology, its effect can be analysed and factors influencing it can be documented to improve on the positive effect. Kamerow (2007) reported that the major positive effects of the technology include its high accuracy, reliability, and convenience. In addition, Anderson (2010) reported that paying with your face is an important technology that can be used to track time and thus can be able to deal with fraud as cases arise. For firms that embrace the use of paying with your face, they ought to increase efficiency and they are able to cut on labour costs. In addition, it is easy to serve customer which reduces the service time as well as customers waiting time. The system has also been seen to reduce employees turn over which improved efficiency of the firms and its profitability. At the individual level, the technology has a positive effect on security. It has been recorded that use of the software can be of essential in improving customer’s security and convenience. It is important for firms to note that the technology is a useful tool to achieving a competitive advantage in the market. A research study by,,, revealed that a firm making use of the technology would be able to leap a sustained competitive edge over its competitor as it would be more efficient.
However, like all technologies it has a negative side of it. As much as the technology improves on convenience and security, it may also have negative impact on the same since all privacy details are held in a database and could lead to exposure risk which would put ones confidential details at risk. According to Simona (2018) the technology also raises human rights concerns. For instance, the government though would be able to monitor people for surveillance purposes, there would be a lot of confidential information that should be disclosed that would be carried around. In addition, the technology has been revealed to be illegal and in most countries it is not regulated under regulatory frameworks. For this reasons, it exposes users to abuse without protection by law. Also it violates the law and principles of necessity. Also, it violates the right to privacy as all confidential details could be accesses by unauthorised persons leading to loss of property.
Overall significance
The most significant impact of the technology has been shown to be its ability to improve government surveillance systems. Therefore, despite having claims of lost privacy, it can be improved as well as be legally governed thus improving of the monitoring systems. In addition, it is important to note that it limits the individual consent of individuals. For these reason, it would have an impact on political developments and the king of governmental systems that could be adapted. Also, it would impact on global leadership and control governments would have on people since they would be able to monitor them.
It is worth noting that having the technology well controlled would have an overall effect on the technology sector. Technological advancements have been seen to have an effect on growth and development of a country. It has also been stipulated that technological developments impact on people attitude and behaviour. The paying with your face technology is of a kind and would see people move business to another level. More critical is the online trading business where sale would be made easier as people would be able to make transfer through face recognition. Therefore, business would be able to target a wider market. Consequently, increasing the customer’s base and expansion of business.
Also crime reduction would be an ultimate outcome of the technology. It has been stipulated that most crimes happen through cybercrime methods. Hacking of systems have been on rise in the recent past. The technology thus brings a difference since the fraudsters would not be able to hack the face of the individual. Results from a survey by National post (2019) reported that crime would be able to reduce by 6% using the paying with your face.
Challenges to adoption of the technology
According to The Guardian (2019) the technology has been face with a lot of criticism. It has been noted that the technology is not only seen as a threat to security but its major challenge to adoption has been on its coverage. The study revealed that most people that are for the technology are the young leaving a big audience out. In addition, the educated have benefits, again leaving out the less educated. Also, it has been seen to be on rise in the online trading platforms leaving out a lot of industries. Apart from it not being well understood, it has been faced with the challenge of little application in the service industry, and the manufacturing industry which combined account for about 60% of the investments.
Technological advancement in all sectors have been faced with a lot of challenges. Of the major challenge has been identification of factors that influence its adoption. Most hypothesised social economic factors influencing age, education, occupation, social category, and gender have been seen to influence

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