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Emerging Technologies Technology Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


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Internet of Things (IOT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Wearable Devices and social media are all have changed and will impact the future of how we conduct businesses. In this project students should fully understand these technology and their benefits. No technical understanding is needed here; rather, students should gain knowledge about the benefits and the applications of these technologies.
The essay (report) should be no less than 3000 words and should be aligned to the guidelines referenced below. In addition to that students need to prepare a presentations summarizes their work in a PowerPoint presentation.
Students are requested to provide examples about these technologies and discuss their benefits, disadvantages and its impact on organization performance. Students are requested to follow the guidelines below:
1. Introduction
2. Literature review (at least 15 references)
3. Opportunities of adopting these technologies
4. The possible negative impact of these technologies about health, privacy and security
5. The Application of technologies in one Industry (Banks, Government and Retails)
6. The Future of these technologies
7. Summary and Conclusion


Emerging Technologies
In the 21st century, there is a new crop of scintillating technologies, which are powering the proclaimed fourth industrial revolution and also creating data-driven, machine-augmented, and bionic institutions. These exciting technologies are still emerging and encompass even social media, which has been established for a while now. They include Big Data, Wearable Devices, Internet of Things (IoT) , Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, among others. Captains of industry have begun to understand that their information technology business side is not wired to take advantage of these nascent technologies to re-imagine their offerings, satisfy altering customer needs, and keep up with the competition. These Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies are blurring or even erasing the lines between the tangible, biological, and digital elements of global society. All over the world, these technological developments are creating remarkable changes in the way people go about their lives, including work; they are effecting changes across industries, disciplines, economies, more so, in what, where, why, and how business and individuals produce and supply products and services. Moreover, Moore’s Law, dependence on software, the explosion of data is happening at breakneck speed that organizations and individuals can hardly keep up, but therein lies the opportunities to leverage. Despite this trajectory, many businesses are still sticking or finding it hard to reframe their business models that they have had for years on end. It is a rule of thumb that at critical points of inflection, innovation in business models is a prerequisite for business continuity or survival in general. The world is experiencing phenomenal and mind-boggling revolution, and is in the middle of a transition; a paradigm shift. The change from an old paradigm into a novel one in which a new normal is emerging is far from being a process of cumulation, one that is accomplished by extending or articulating the old paradigm. In lieu, it is reimagination, a reframing of the situation from new rudiments, a reconstruction that turns upside down some of the situation’s most fundamental theoretical generalizations in addition to the application and methodology of its paradigm.

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