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Importance of Mechanics for a Car and How Cars Have Changed Over Time (Research Paper Sample)


Writing instructions
My Research Paper has to be about car mechanics because since I was little I have been interested in cars, I want you to focus on how mechanics are important for a car and how cars have changed over time, and how they are becoming safer etc and How does this affect the world and people?
Include an annotated bibliography that includes:
At least five credible sources used in your research
Reason for your including each source.


Automotive Mechanics
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Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc125556792 \h 3Importance of Mechanics in Cars PAGEREF _Toc125556793 \h 3Changes in Car Technology Over Time PAGEREF _Toc125556794 \h 4Impact of Car Mechanics on the World and People PAGEREF _Toc125556795 \h 5Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc125556796 \h 6Annotated Bibliography PAGEREF _Toc125556797 \h 8Works Cited PAGEREF _Toc125556798 \h 11
Vehicle service technicians inspect, diagnose, and repair mechanical problems with motor vehicles. Problems with vehicles, such as those that impact the engine, gearbox, or braking system, are diagnosed and repaired with the assistance of a diverse assortment of tools and pieces of equipment. Mechanics perform routine maintenance tasks like changing the oil, rotating the tires, and inspecting the brakes. It is a competitive industry that pays well, but it requires a profound understanding of the internal workings of various automobiles to work in it. People who went into the mechanical field developed an interest in the field at an early age. They have always been interested in automobiles and fascinated by how they are assembled and what factors contribute to their mechanical reliability. They were constantly taking apart and putting back together various mechanical toys and other stuff. This interest only grew stronger as they got older, so they decided to become a technician. The field of auto mechanics may be both intellectually stimulating and financially lucrative for people with a passion for autos, an aptitude for deciphering how they operate, and a talent for making necessary repairs.
Importance of Mechanics in Cars
Automobiles require regular care and upkeep, and mechanics are essential to that process. The engine, brake, suspension, steering, and electrical and electronic systems are some of the components that fall under their purview when diagnosing and repairing a vehicle's various systems and subsystems. These different systems and subsystems are interconnected and cooperate to guarantee that the vehicle operates smoothly and without incident. A vehicle's longevity, performance, and safety need proper maintenance performed by mechanics.
One of the most frequently cited examples of a vehicle's powerplant's significance is in safety ratings. The mechanics are responsible for keeping the engine in good working order, including changing the oil at prescribed intervals and checking the fuel and air filters (Mananathan, 119) . In order to keep the engine running smoothly and trouble-free, various 

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