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Software Tools in Construction Technology Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Software Tools in Construction, including 1d, 2d, 3d, 5d, and 6d models in real life situations.


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Software Tools in Construction
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc58102483 \h 22D Modelling Software PAGEREF _Toc58102484 \h 23D Modelling Software PAGEREF _Toc58102485 \h 34D Modelling Software PAGEREF _Toc58102486 \h 55D Modelling Software PAGEREF _Toc58102487 \h 76D Modelling Software PAGEREF _Toc58102488 \h 9Kosciusko bridge (New York) Project. PAGEREF _Toc58102489 \h 11Construction of LaGuardia Airport new Terminal B arrivals and Departure Hall. PAGEREF _Toc58102490 \h 15Comparation between (Kosciusko bridge and construction of LaGuardia Airport new Terminal B arrivals and Departure Hall) PAGEREF _Toc58102491 \h 18Summary PAGEREF _Toc58102492 \h 20Works Cited PAGEREF _Toc58102493 \h 22
Construction industry has currently adopted technology than before in management of projects. Activities in building are established after modelling stage, in which prototypes imitating real objects to be made in the project are created and assessed. This is done through Building Information Modelling (BMI), which integrates the entire life cycle of a project (Rui 83). In building sculpting serves as a reference mostly because systems and processes are highly linked up. Demonstration is done through various software, which will be discussed later in the paper. Using BMI in engineering projects helps in reduction of cost, improvement of teamwork and lessening of risks and expenses. Application of software is relevant in simulation and visualization of project scope, schemes projection and monitoring of changes in plan in terms of cost and design.
However, despite the numerous benefits associated with BMI, they are associated with a couple of risks due to human error, inefficient communication and techniques of prototype setting. Project managers should avoid over relying on software models and consider deficiencies that could be existing in the process (Patil et al. 2775-2780). More so, decision making in firms which apply software design is complex because of involvement of diverse opinions from many parties. Different models have unique functionalities and therefore, project managers can integrate them to increase efficiency in construction. This report will be focusing on the five-modelling software, construction of Kosciusko bride in New York, and finally compare two projects in USA.

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