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The Economic Impact of Immigration in the United States (Research Proposal Sample)


topic一:The cultural impact of immigration on The United States
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Please hand in your 10-12 page final paper draft, attached to it should be a cover page with title, and abstract. and at the end, a complete bibliography of all sources used. (Cover page and bibliography are not included as part of the ten-page text requirement).


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The economic impact of immigration on the U.S
Today, United States has become a home to many immigrants who have been migrating from their motherlands to the United States for various reasons. Among many immigrants, they migrate to the United States in search of greener pastures or for academic purposes to further their education in the country. For whatever reasons, the issue of immigration has been shown to have a significant impact on the economy of the United States, with many factors being a clear demonstration of this impact. For example, immigrants have been shown to play a significant role in boosting the economic growth of the United States. This has been possible by incorporating their different skills in promoting new ideas and ways of doing things.
As a result, there has been a boost in how industries operate in the country, not forgetting about improving the quality of different types of products and services offered to consumers. In addition, the creative and innovative ideas that have been applied among most industries have significantly been helping in creating more employment opportunities not only for the immigrants but also for the U.S citizens who have been shown to benefit from the employment opportunities.
At the same time, immigrants' new ideas and ways of doing things brought in the U.S have played a major role in attracting investors. What this translates to is more economic growth of the country. There is also the issue of state, federal, and local budgets which has been shown to benefit from immigration greatly, which has mainly been possible through the immigrants' public services, where their taxes have greatly boosted state and federal budgets. This paper aims to look at the various ways through which immigration has impacted the growth and development of the economy of the United States.
For a long time, United States has been perceived as a home for immigrants across the globe. This has resulted from the high numbers of immigrants who have been making their way into the country for various reasons. As many may argue that immigrants have been making lives difficult for the Natives due to taking their jobs, it is worth noting that they have been playing an important role in promoting the overall economic growth of the country. Most immigrants who move to the United States search for better jobs and improved living conditions. This means that most of them have the necessary skills required for running different industries that help boost the country's economic growth.
Therefore, immigrants have greatly helped ensure that there has been a balance in the ratio of those who are working and those who are retiring. This is bearing in mind that the rate of birth in the United States has in the recent past been shown to decline, leading to an increase in the numbers of those who are aged and have attained the retirement age. On this, the immigrants have been and will continue to help fill the void employment positions left by those who have retired. As far as innovation and creativity are concerned, immigrants have been shown to have better and more improved

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