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Annotated bibliography of sources about the Israel-Palestine War (Research Proposal Sample)


Present annotated BIBLIOGRAPHY about Israel-Palestine WAR


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Kelman, Herbert. C. (2007). The Israeli-Palestinian peace process and its vicissitudes: Insights from attitude theory. American Psychologist, 62(4), 287-303.
According to Kelman, the OSLO process failed in 1993 during the intifada meeting. The author argues that the Israeli-Palestine relationship has been getting bitter with increased violence levels. In August 2006, negotiation efforts stumbled due to the irreducible minimum requirements set by the Hamas Palestine government. The author argues that the war and constant fights between Israel and Lebanon (Hezbollah). Furthermore, Kelman asserts that land ownership, Palestine land historic rights as well as have constantly blocked the OSLO agreement. The two sides differed in historic narratives and showed zero efforts in negotiations (289). Kelman posits that the narrative clashes regarding the West Bank and Gaza settlements have propelled violence and bitterness that blocks conflict resolution therein. Nevertheless, Kelman proposes unilateralism, acknowledgement each sides’ identity and humanity, and solving the complexity in the historical land possessions remain the most effective strategies in reviving peace. Ultimately, peace negotiations ought to begin by settling land disputes as well as setting an “overlapping consensus” clause to instil peace and equality. Going by Kelmans’ assertions, the two sides ought to accept responsibility and accountability to arrive at an effective and just judgment (301).
Kriesberg, Louis. Mediation and the Transformation of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Journal of Peace Research, 3(38), 373-392.

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