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Research Proposal
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World War II Germany (Research Proposal Sample)


The task was to argue whether Hitler\'s rise to power was by chance or his charisma and his ability to inspire people. The thesis states that Hitler\'s rise to power was aided partly by his charisma and ability to inspire people and partly by the parameters that were already in place in Germany during that period. Examples of such parameters included the popularity of the Nazi Party, to which Hitler was appointed Chancellor and head of government. (7 sources)


Writing Proposal
General Topic: World War II Germany
Specific historical question: Did Hitler rise to power by things falling in line, or because of his charisma and ability to inspire people?
Working Thesis: The parameters under which Hitler rose to power were in place, aided by his charisma and ability to inspire people, which caused his rapid rise to power.
Research Strategy: Documentaries, historical records, articles and books. Also, examples of his speeches to demonstrate his charisma, as he was very articulate in his delivery.
Hitler’s Rise to Power: Annotated Bibliography
Botwinick, Rita Steinhardt. A History of the Holocaust. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 2001.print
In the long Holocaust story of dreadful events, at least 11 million people lose their lives as a result of cruel racial intolerances and prejudices orchestrated by the Adolf Hitler led Nazi party. The Nazis had won majority votes and appointed Hitler as chancellor and head of government In January 1933. Hitler promoted the prejudice against the purported undesirables, or those who did not belong to the Aryan race, amongst which were the Jews. Hitler formulates the ideal way of exterminating the Jews as a way of stopping the passing over of such genes, which was regarded a disruption of Nazis’ perfect race quest. Hitler’s achieved his goal through cruel killing of millions of Jews and others sadistic.
Lippman, Matthew. "Law, Lawyers, and Legality in the Third Reich: The Perversion of Principle and Professionalism." Temple International and Comparative Law Journal (Fall 1997): p.1-48.print
Adolf Hitler’s rise to power meant complete manipulation of the country’s governmental and legal systems inquest to secure the totalitarian rule. After the failed coup, Hitler opted for manipulation of regulations and statutes. Hitler acquired absolute political control through contortion of the German law and judiciary, in the disguise of legitimacy. The severely handicapped German nation hence became prey to Hitler’s dictatorship.
Rosenberg, Jennifer. "Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch." (7 March 2003)
Adolf Hitler’s attempted exploitation of the 1923 crisis led to the growth of The Putsch. Hitler had prior preparations of his stormtroopers to facilitate the wider Bavarian rebellion. Hitler acknowledged his inability to keep the stormtroopers waiting further longer, especially after the then leaders of the BaravianKahr, Seisser and Lossow, threatened to halt the operations. Hitler then takes control of the Beer Hall in November, 1923 and forces the Baravian leaders to vow their allegiance to his support. The Hitler-led Nazis triumphantly marches into the city of Munich although police manage to halt their activities. Despite its failure, Putsch significantly gave Hitler national heroism and formed the platform for his subsequent success.
Breitowitz, Yitzchok. "Book Review." Review of Hitler’s Justice: The Courts of the Third Reich, by Ingo Muller. Harvard University Press, 1991.print
The book gives critical insight of the ridiculous precedents, injustices and policies which were instituted by the Germany Nazi. The judges, lawyers, Professors of the law, and all other personnel entrusted with the criminal justice system were guilty of the anomalies of the time. The book highlights their respective intellectual and moral responsibilities for instance, their involvement in terror, mass murder, and in the setting up of dictatorial state. Their imprudence facilitated the escalation of the Third Reich, since they deliberately ignored the principles of fairness, justice and law. This particularly paved way for Hitler’s dominance.
Jackson, Peter. French Intelligence and Hitler’s Rise to Power. The Historical Journal. 41 (1998): 795-824.
This article gives a critical look into the French response to Hitler’s rise to power and the Nazi Party. It asserts that the French had fired a warning to civilian and military leaders about Hitler’s intention of rearmament and the militarization of the German society. This was a clear preparation for war and conquest. The French were in a position of isolation, and, therefore, could only watch helplessly as ...
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