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Determinants Of Income Among The Youths In Kenya Research Proposal (Research Proposal Sample)


The task was to evaluate and examine effect of work in a study area called voi, Kenya.
The sample paper outlines an introduction all the way to the methodology and upto data analysis.


TOC \o "1-3" \u DECLARATION PAGEREF _Toc23777242 \h 3
ABSTRACT PAGEREF _Toc23777243 \h 5
CHAPTER ONE: introduction PAGEREF _Toc23777245 \h 7
Background PAGEREF _Toc23777246 \h 7
Statement of the problem PAGEREF _Toc23777247 \h 7
Significance of the study PAGEREF _Toc23777248 \h 7
Objectives PAGEREF _Toc23777249 \h 7
CHAPTER THREE: methodOLOGY PAGEREF _Toc23777251 \h 9
Overview PAGEREF _Toc23777252 \h 9
Population and Study Sample PAGEREF _Toc23777253 \h 9
Sample Size and Selection of Sample PAGEREF _Toc23777254 \h 9
Sources of Data PAGEREF _Toc23777255 \h 9
Collection of Data PAGEREF _Toc23777256 \h 9
Data Management PAGEREF _Toc23777257 \h 9
Data Analysis Strategies PAGEREF _Toc23777258 \h 9
Ethics and Human Subjects Issues PAGEREF _Toc23777259 \h 9
Work plan PAGEREF _Toc23777260 \h 9
Budget PAGEREF _Toc23777261 \h 9
references PAGEREF _Toc23777262 \h 10
Appendices PAGEREF _Toc23777263 \h 11
Appendix 1: Questionnaire PAGEREF _Toc23777264 \h 11
Appendix 2: Others PAGEREF _Toc23777265 \h 12
The purpose of this research study is to investigate the factors influencing income among the youth in formal employment sector in Voi town, Taita Taveta County, Kenya. This study is seeking to assess how level of education, experience and gender influence the income among the youth in the formal employment sector. The data will be collected primarily by administering well-structured questionnaires to the selected sample population. The data collected will then be analyzed to find the relationship between income and the determinants.
A multiple linear regression model is appropriate for this study. The income will be the response variable whereas gender, level of education and work experience will be the explanatory variables.
CHAPTER ONE: introduction
Globally, youths form the majority of the world’s population therefore, being an important part of the economy. The youth were estimated to be 1.03 billion or 18 per cent of the total world population CITATION UND95 \l 1033 (UNDESA, 1995). Youth being the majority of the population means they also feature actively in the labor sector.
The youth have also been associated with great achievements and are actively taking part and developing the economy hence shaping the future of healthcare, education, and technology and food security. For instance, Abi Ramanan is the co-founder and CEO of Impact Vision, a software platform that uses machine learning to reduce food waste. Also, the widely used social media platform Facebook was developed by Mark Zuckerberg who is a youth. A youth as a person aged between 18 years and 34 years CITATION Rep10 \n \l 1033 (The Constitution Of Kenya, 2010). Essentially, this is the period between early acceptable school leaving age and the period of completion of tertiary level of education. It is therefore the transition period from childhood to adulthood and moreover, the transition between education and labor market.
The larger population in any society is composed of the youth. As such they contribute significantly to the development of the society. One of the areas that the youth has a direct influence on the economic development of a country. For instance, the work force of any country is composed of the youth. In many societies however, the youth appear to be side lined yet they are all especially in development of a country’s economy is one that cannot be undermined. It is argued that countries that are still developing and which have large population of youth will benefit immensely in terms of economic growth. However, it is necessary for the youth to be given opportunities that will allow them make significant contribution to economic development.
The youth are the pioneers of technology with them forming the percentage of largest users. According to USAID while twenty percent of youth own mobile phones only eight percent of those over 45 do. Technology links the whole world together with the youth being its avid users it means they are the champions of global unity. Besides embracing technology, the youth are agents of change as they contribute largely in running government institutions efficiently. Part of the reason as to why there is a retiring age is so as to hand over institutions to younger minds that will facilitate efficiency in operations of institutions.
One of the major problems faced by the youth population in most countries is lack of opportunities or inaccessibility thereof. As a result, most youth are not empowered to take up their rightful positions in the contribution of growth of the economy. If properly tapped and nurtured, the potential possessed by the youth will go a long way in contributing largely. It is time that governments of each country as well as the society at large invest heavily on youth empowerment. When the youth is empowered, the entire population is good to go. It is necessary to keep in mind that for an economy to gain tremendous growth the workforce must be bigger than these depending on it. For most countries, the situation is the other way round so that those depending on the workforce are more than the workforce itself. The end result is an overburdened workforce that does not produce enough for those depending on it. With proper investment and opportunities, youth will play pivotal role in economic development.
Income is the financial gain a business earns from the sale of goods and services. It can also be defined as the money a person receives as payments for his or her productive work (labor), services or investment. Income is important in reducing a number of challenges like crime rate, poverty and idleness therefore it should be given firsthand insight in helping youths in this era. Increasing the median income of the poor even if they remain poor makes it more likely that continued income growth will lead to substantial sustainable decrease in poverty CITATION Oehmke08 \l 1033 (Oehmke, 2008). Here poverty is measured by the millennium development goal (MDG) in which poverty line is $1.25/person/day. Income assists individual meet several universal needs and therefore is a source of subjective well-being CITATION Vee881 \l 1033 (Veenhoven, 1988).
Many research studies have been conducted over time relating to youth and employment, youth and crime, youth and drug abuse among others. There have been few researches addressing the issue of youth and their income especially in the formal employment. This has therefore led us to carry out a research on the income among the youth in formal employment. During their transition from childhood to adulthood, access to good job of acceptable quality is essential for youths to acquire independence from their parents, brighten their prospects in the job market and enhance their prospects of forming a family.
In the recent years, studies have been carried out relating to the youth but little has been said about youth and their income formulation. This research aims in finding out determinants of income among the youth in the formal employment sector. Formal employment is work in which an organization hires an employee under an established working agreement or contract that entails wages, salary, health benefits and defined hours and work days. As young people grow up, they cease to depend on other people’s income and gain financial freedomCITATION Zep13 \n \l 1033 (The Youth Employment Challenge, 2013). The Kenyan government has put up policies aimed at earning the youth income through creation of employment. There has been creation of income-generating activities, establishment of saving schemes, self-help groups and initiatives such as Kazi Kwa Vijana (KKV) programme and National Youth Service (NYS). Kazi Kwa Vijana was launched in April 2009 and aims in employing 200,000 to 300,000 youths annually. The National Youth Service restructured in 2014 helps the government in executing an expansive and wide youth empowerment master plan known as the 5-point Vision.

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