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Rough Sleeping and Homelessness Analysis Essay (Research Proposal Sample)


for your capston project write your topic description.
outline the references that will assist you in the reserch project


Rough Sleeping and Homelessness
Zijie Zhu
University of Massachusetts Boston
October 19, 2020
Topic Description: Rough Sleeping and Homelessness
Rough sleeping is becoming a common social challenge in both developed and developing countries. Rough sleeping can be described as state of spending night in open air spaces such as transits stations, public parks, streets, markets or even doorways. A number of factors such as poor immigration policies, poverty, and family fall outs has contributed to the increasing numbers of homelessness. While young people find themselves sleeping on the streets after being kicked out of their family houses as a result of irresponsible behaviors such as crime and drug related lifestyles, adults also find themselves rough sleeping after being released from prisons or lack of access to decent housing in foreign countries.
My project will be a research paper that will investigate whether homelessness and rough sleeping is contributed by irresponsible social behaviors. The research paper will consist of discussions, arguments and counter-arguments that will be well researched to arrive at findings and conclusions on causes, implications, and solutions for homelessness. Furthermore, the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the Rough Sleeping Strategy, 2018 will be reviewed to understand the social dynamics and health inequalities faced by rough sleepers.
Besides, this research paper seeks to compare relationship between increasing trends of homelessness and rough sleeping among blacks in foreign countries. The discussion will explore any relationships between racism and social injustices found among homeless communities. Peer reviewed journals and published books will be used in this research paper.
The following research materials will be used in this research paper.

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