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The Staffing Models of a Daycare Facility Essay (Research Proposal Sample)


a paper on Daycare Human Resource Business Planning


Staffing Plan
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Staffing Plan
Staffing Models
Daycare providers should always work towards ensuring that they are at par with the government’s minimum requirements, scrutinize the qualifications of their workers, and use appropriate staffing models. The staffing models of a daycare facility can include some of the employees on a part-time basis or being on adjustable contracts. Modifying the staffing models to be on the same level as the requirements of the business will help in addressing the seasonal fluctuations in the daycare business.
I will incorporate the use of a strategic model that allows flexibility for peak times. Since it is expected that there will be long-term growth for the business, it will be suitable to hire the employees on both a long-term and short term basis as it is expected that the business will boom as a result of the population boost and the rise in demand for the childcare services. The employees should be well trained or well-experienced to handle the tasks as they will be relied upon in the long run, and there could even be the need for more employees in the future. Employee retention will be among the top priorities as it will be depressive to lose workers during the peak seasons. It will be essential to ensure that job security and proper remunerations are granted to the employees to boost their morale and to increase their work efficiency.
I will also use the Staffing Quality model through performance evaluation in placing the workers. This aspect will ensure that competent workers are placed in various job gaps. Childcare is a very sensitive job that requires the administration of productive employees who will be able to handle critical work. Performance evaluations are suitable to both the personnel and the company since there will be room for feedback, recognition of quality work as well as the expectations for the job performance (Trossman, 2015). The workers will have to be certified and well-vetted so that quality workers are hired. As in this case, consulting firms will be suitable sources to ensure that the best workforce is employed.
I will source help from an employment agency in my area that will help in the interview process. The consultation agencies will perform the task of assessing the applicants and suggest the best individuals for my approval. I will be in a position to handle the HR processes at the daycare through external recruitment up to when I will be in the capacity to get a Human Resource team that will handle the recruitment and selection process.
Potential Legal Issues
Some of the legal challenges that I might counter are discriminatory charges by individuals that I will not hire for the position in my daycare. I will ensure that I clearly outline that the selected employees have the appropriate credentials and all required certifications before being granted the job at my daycare center. It will be crucial to meet the state’s licensing mandates to ensure that I am in compliance with the legal regulations. I will also ensure that the facility meets the inspection requirements and that all the workers are accredited with the right certification and follow the stator rules. I will ensure that all the workers follow the employment rules and regulations. Handling children is a very sensitive job that requires careful selection of efficient workers (Munir, Syah, Pusaka & Kusumapradja, 2019). Therefore, all the applicants will have to be treated equitably without any form of discrimination.
Job Requirements and Job Descriptions
The three top-most tasks that I would indulge in forming a suitable job description would include, first, analysis of other similar businesses and the process that they used in creating their job descriptions and statements. Next, I would thoroughly assess and record all the findings from the research and compile them in a quick draft. Lastly, I would submit my draft for analysis to a professional and develop my last draft upon getting the feedback from the outsourced professional.
I specifically would try to draft the job description and statement on an annual or bi-annual basis. This process would involve scrutinizing the events within the identified period, the extent of growth, and the employee turnover ratio to help me in modifying the job description. These aspects would play a considerable role in adjusting the job descriptions to be at par with the latest job context. Business operations are subjectable to complications and challenges, and it is essential for business owners to learn from them and integrate the vital modifications to allow developments (Harmon & Trends, 2010).
Dealing with High Employee Turnover
There are multiple ways of countering or averting increased employee turnover altogether. First, employers have to ensure that they choose the right individuals in their recruitment and selection to avoid dealing with turnover issues. These individuals should carry innate talents and have the capacity to sustain a balance in their work life. Hiring the rightful staff with the right skills can reduce the burden of having to deal with high employee turnover (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Wright, 2015). Next, the employer will have to show respect to the workers at all times and establish a communicatio

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