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Business analytics literature review Research Proposal (Research Proposal Sample)


the paper was about carrying out a literature review on the impact of an employee training intervention on employee performance and organizational performance


TABLE OF CONTENTS TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u CHAPTER TWO PAGEREF _Toc62208786 \h 22.0 LITERATURE REVIEW PAGEREF _Toc62208787 \h 22.1 INTRODUCTION PAGEREF _Toc62208788 \h 22. 2 OVERVIEW AND DEFINITION OF TRAINING PAGEREF _Toc62208789 \h 22.3 EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE PAGEREF _Toc62208790 \h 32.3.1 The Training and Skill Gap PAGEREF _Toc62208791 \h 42.3.2 Employee training for Competency PAGEREF _Toc62208792 \h 42.3.3. Employee Training for Commitment PAGEREF _Toc62208793 \h 52.3.4 Employee Training for Retention Purposes PAGEREF _Toc62208794 \h 52.4 THE STRATEGY OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT PAGEREF _Toc62208795 \h 52.5 THE ELEMENTS OF EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT AND TRAINING INTERVENTIONS PAGEREF _Toc62208796 \h 62.5.1 Strategies for improving the employee performance and engagement PAGEREF _Toc62208797 \h 72.5.2 Motivation and Training Interventions PAGEREF _Toc62208798 \h 82.6 NEED FOR TRAINING PAGEREF _Toc62208799 \h 82.7 TRAINING AND COMPANY OBJECTIVES PAGEREF _Toc62208800 \h 92.7.1 Analysis of training needs PAGEREF _Toc62208801 \h 92.7.2 Plans and Objectives of Training PAGEREF _Toc62208802 \h 102.7.2 Designing of Training Model and Program PAGEREF _Toc62208803 \h 102.8 METHODS AND TRAINING TECHNIQUES PAGEREF _Toc62208804 \h 11ON- JOB TRAINING PAGEREF _Toc62208805 \h 12OFF- JOB TRAINING PAGEREF _Toc62208806 \h 122.8.1 CARRYING OUT THE TRAINING PAGEREF _Toc62208807 \h 12ON JOB TRAINING PAGEREF _Toc62208808 \h 12OFF- JOB TRAINING PAGEREF _Toc62208809 \h 142.8.2 Factors Affecting Training PAGEREF _Toc62208810 \h 162.8.3 Significance of Training PAGEREF _Toc62208811 \h 162.8.4 Evaluation of Training Outcome PAGEREF _Toc62208812 \h 172.9 CHAPTER SUMMARY PAGEREF _Toc62208813 \h 19REFERENCES PAGEREF _Toc62208814 \h 19
This chapter analyses and emphasizes the scope and relevance of the research study. In this case, the literature has been presented in terms of the research objective on the impact of an organizational approach to training interventions on employee performance. The literature review, therefore, presents the topic of the impact of organization training interventions on employee performance in a case study with Safaricom Plc. Company Limited Kenya. Each section is presented based on the empirical nature of the literature and the relationship to the research question and objective. According to (Kreitner, 1995) the employees who normally have regular training and feedback schedules usually have a higher level of work output.
The effective performance of every organization solely depends on the individual performance and contribution of the employees. Therefore employee training intervention is unavoidable if the organization has to scale the greater heights of performance amongst its competitors. CITATION Sam18 \l 1033 (Samwel, 2018)
Training and development deal with the acquisition of skills and techniques and the proper understanding of the nature of the work or task. This is considered as one of the imperative in human resource 

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