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Introduction of high performance vehicles effect on brand perception for consumers. (Research Proposal Sample)


a proposal on how the introduction of high performance vehicles may affect brand perception for consumers


There is an abundance of product variety in almost all market segments in today's increasingly globalized, highly competitive and extraordinarily fast-moving world, and the automotive industry marks an explosion of manufacturers and models targeting every possible consumer niche to effectively satisfy all future customer needs (Mishkov &Peshev, 2014). The tested combination of technology, engineering and manuals now provides us with uncompromising product combinations with amazing capabilities in varied types and sizes, ranging from 10,000 Pounds sterling to over 1,5 million Pounds sterling for budgetary rates (Buseman, 2014).
Regardless of the country in which a person lives, nearly everyone is able to see, test, purchase, run, and service vehicles of every origin when it comes to manufacturers' availability, and so it becomes clear that the saturation of a heavy market is likely to cause a considerable degree of complication in manufacturing and model diversion (Buseman, L., 2014). Nonetheless, the brands Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, and Mercedes Benz also enjoy full popularity and desirability.
There are various different views and attempts to justify Audi BMW, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz' absolute and intact dominance in the luxury automotive industry, range from their technological and economic development and superiority to their financial and financial explications. But, though all these assumptions are valid, the truth lies elsewhere. There are reasons to believe. A large number of other brands market vehicles with mechanical strength, if not superior, mixtures, and technological complexity while exhibiting a matching heritage, but they cannot still equal the stature of the German trio.
The explanation why the success of Audi , BMW, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz is focused on core technologies and capabilities not copied, used or implemented by any other manufacturer. Although several patents are made to guarantee technologies created by individual car makers and intellectual property rights security measures have been taken, the above resources or expertise is unlikely to be any technological or tangible aspect of their vehicles. The study thus follows the assumption that the three brands' soft skills, namely their brand images, are the unmistakable instrument of the German trio and giving it market dominance.

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