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Digital Marketing, Branding and Strategy Research Proposal (Research Proposal Sample)


it explains how the different brands can market themselves through the use of media platforms. moreover, the content in it focuses on how non governmental authorities can acquire and engage different pledge donors through the development of profiles of their target audiences and strategies of communicating with them.


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Brand revitalisation is a strategy used by many companies for marketing a product that has reduced profitability and has matured in its product life cycle. It is trying to bring back a product in the market to secure the equity sources, e.g., consumers of the product. A brand can get revitalised to increase in competition, improve the relevance of the brand, and meet the needs of different customers in the world. (Keller, 2015) A product can be revitalised by changing its name, repackaging it, or repositioning the location of the product. For instance, “Brand Revitalization of Heritage Enterprises for Cultural Sustainability in the Digital Era: A Case Study in China.” This was to resolve the simultaneous decline in the brands of Heritage to ensure that they attain cultural sustainability and improve on the commercial utilisation of the brands.  (Li, et al., 2019)
A company/brand first gets established in the market, grows, expands, and becomes successful, or becomes popular amongst the users. No matter how competitive a brand grows in the marketplace, they end up aging and lose value to its competitors (brand aging). This, in turn, forces managers to revitalise the product’s brand to maintain its competitiveness and increase the life span of the product. (Keller, 2015)
UNICEF is among the organisations which have managed to establish an exclusive corporate brand for itself in the world. Its efforts to meet the constant rising needs of people in marginalised areas through the distribution of basic needs and wants have proved to be critical for the assistance in the provision and improvement of living standards of poor people with a focus on children. The focus on the activities of meeting the needs of poor people has helped in the attainment of some sustainable development goals. The efforts in child protection and meeting of their needs have been a tremendous investment in African countries. The focus of this study is on one of the East African countries, Kenya, which is one of the beneficiaries of the services that are offered by UNICEF. 
Children in the republic of Kenya live under miserable circumstances despite it being a middle-income country. UNICEF, together with the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), carried out research titled “Child Poverty in Kenya,” that discovered around 45% of underage children, i.e., below 18 years, experience poverty. It showed that in 2017 in Kenya lacked access to clean water to drink, food, and did not have access to basic health services and education. The girl child was exposed to adverse and harmful exercises. They also lacked equitable development and education opportunities as their counterparts (boys). These factors have propagated UNICEF to design and develop a poverty report that was launched alongside the Third Medium Plan of the country. This Plan runs from 2018-2022, being part of Vision 2030, together with the launch of SDG. (Githanga, et al., 2019)
Under the Third Medium Plan of the country, UNICEF also set its Strategic Plan for the same period, whereby three essential strategies linked to the Private Sectors IMPACT Plan. The policy stipulates the direction and vision of UNICEF that embraces the participation of the private sector to provide income and improve the living standards of children in a country. Hence, the Plan focuses on nurturing and growing the different private sector audiences, i.e., individual donors and supporters, business and key influencers, and enhances the advocacy with the National Committees of other governments. (UNICEF, 2018)

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