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Gap Model of Service Quality in Building Customer Relations (Research Proposal Sample)


research on a comprehensive review of the gap model of service quality and how it applies to the business world


Gap Model of Service Quality in Building Customer Relations
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Gap Model of Service Quality in Building Customer Relations
Every day, businesses thrive into making the consumers of their goods and services satisfied. It is for this reason that the businesses would do anything humanly possible to ensure that their consumers are at the top of their priority list. The companies and most of the businesses always ensure that the consumers’ needs are fully satisfied and they would go to as far as modifying their operations in a bid to get them satisfied. In the contemporary business world, customers are no longer after the quality of goods that are being offered but instead, they also look into the quality of the services that the company or a given organization is willing to offer. There are various models and theories that have been brought up to try and explain the implications of the concept of increased customer service quality and its implications to the performance of the business as well. From the various studies that have been looked into, it is more than evident that the concept of increasing quality of the customer services is as nice as having increase the quality of the goods that the company produces. The gap model of services is one a concept that looks into the impact that increased customer services has on the performance of the business. This paper seeks to have a comprehensive review of the gap model of service quality and while doing so, the paper will focus into some of the literature that has been written focusing on the same. 

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