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US Should Implement Sugar Tax to Improve Public Health (Speech Presentation Sample)


this is a persuasive speech to encourage us legislators to Implement a Sugar Tax to Improve Public Health. the speech should pinpoint the reasons the us needs to enact a sugar tax on sweetened drinks. the reasons include the country having one of the highest obesity rates globally and sweetened drinks being linked to MANY CHRONIC ILLNESSES, CARE EXPENSES, AND MORTALITY.


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The US Should Implement a Sugar Tax to Improve Public Health
A recommendation of a national tax on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) including sodas, bottled iced tea, fruit-flavored juices, sugared water, energy, and sports drinks evokes heated political and social debates. Only 42 nations in the world had adopted SSB taxes by 2019 and seven cities across the US (Grummon et al. 989). Supporters of SSB taxes argue that they would promote public health, direct revenues to the health sector, and influence consumers to shift their preferences to low-sugar beverages. Currently, the US is one of the fattest nations globally and sweetened drinks are one of the causes. Obesity is associated with an increased risk of many chronic illnesses, care expenses, and mortality. Hence, the US should implement a national sugar tax very soon to address public health issues.
Arguments for National SSB Taxes in the US
The primary reason for proposing a national SSB tax is to reduce the public health problems linked to sweetened drinks. Numerous r

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