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Significance of Urban Wildlife in Miami. Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Write a very basic science paper: must be 5 page paper with 5 sources (4 must be scholarly) and defend or refute one of the following statements by analyzing at least 2 studies/experiments on their hypothesis, assumptions,methodology,and conclusion: urban wildlife, or soil degradation has impacted food supply, or water quality is a concern for urban areas. Paper should follow scientific method or contain all components of scientific method.


Significance of Urban Wildlife in Miami
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Significance of Urban Wildlife in Miami
Urban wildlife refers to undomesticated species that thrive within the urban environment along with human beings. According to Adams, urban wildlife refers to the species that entirely utilize the urban ecosystem (2018). The book further details that although the species’ utilization of the cities differs, they, in one way or the other, relate with human beings in cities or outskirts. The wildlife either are resistant or benefit from artificial activities. The diversity of urban wildlife with human dictates the significance of the species in the ecosystem, thus their concern.
Problem Statement
McCleery et al. highlight the importance of urban wildlife is less than their cost (2014). Adams argues that rodents, for example, only consume 2% of the human garbage, leaving 98% of the disposable waste still an issue, while causing noise and uncomfortable living conditions for humans (2018). Similarly, urban ecosystems call for animal control, which is expensive than elimination (Moorman, 2014). Finally, most of the urban wildlife poses threats to human activities. Some of the rodents, such as rats, are located on the same food chain level with humans, thus causing unnecessary competition.

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