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Corporate Culture. Business & Marketing Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Culture is a broad area that organizations must give priority in its management. Since corporate culture means a lot to organizations, managers must acquaint themselves with diverse corporate cultures, components of culture, and the strength of corporate culture to assist moderating change within organizations. Culture makes a company discrete in that it rolls out corporate values, mission, and vision while stemming these ideals to service delivery and customer satisfaction.


Corporate Culture
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Corporate Culture
Culture is a pre-eminent aspect of humanity, which includes abroad spectrum of ideals such as knowledge, beliefs, and morals as well as a variety of capabilities and habits with which members of a community share and identify. As an aspect of identification, culture encompasses a broad variety of phenomena transmitted from one generation to another through social learning in communities (Colquitt, LePine, & Wesson, 2013). According to Schoenmakers (2012), anthropologists use the word culture in a broad sense given its capacity to evolve humans. Culture therefore, informs human experiences giving individuals the ability to be creative through imagination and shared orientations. Shared orientations emanate from the evolution of human behaviour and demonstrated ability to social learning. In companies, Alvesson (2002) notes that culture denote the complexities in the practices and accumulated knowledge or ideas learnt by individuals through social interaction. As an aspect of human leaning, culture informs the manifestations of social orientations such as gender, kingship, and language expected for use within a community (Schoenmakers, 2012). Within these modes, culture explores expressive forms of corporate tendencies such as values, mission, and vision.

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