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Apple Inc’s Ethical Dilemmas. Business & Marketing Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Apple Inc’s Ethical Dilemmas


Apple Inc’s Ethical Dilemmas
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The ethical dilemma has become common in many organizations and at workplaces. This is due to the increase in a conflict of interest where companies or employees find themselves in situations that require critical decisions. Usually, both options are equally vital and essential to decision-makers. Apple Inc has faced various ethical dilemmas where management of the company engage in tough decision to make, but only one option can be considered at a time. This paper seeks to discuss Apple's choice between profit maximization by using cheap labor in China to run its production and respecting employee rights. Essentially, profit maximization is the main of the company; however, the management of Apple Inc. lands on ethical dilemmas on how to maximize profits or to respect employee rights. Using cheap labor is an option for the company, which can help to reduce production costs. But it is not ethically legal because it leads to violation of employee rights.
Culture and History of Apple Inc.
Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company with its head office in Cupertino, California. The company engages in designing, developing, and distributing electronics, computer components, and software (Clarke & Boersma, 2017). Currently, Apple Inc is one of the top-performing companies in the Computer hardware and software industry.

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