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Public Versus Private Organization Business & Marketing Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Comparing public versus public organizations


Public vs. Private Management
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Osborne and Gaebler proposed to reinvent the government by changing its underlying structure. They argued that the government ought to be operated more like a private enterprise rather than a public entity in order to increase effectiveness, efficiency and improve the economy. Such a government would empower the society to solve their issues and meet their needs by setting up the proper systems to act as incentives that would encourage people to do things themselves (Pfiffner, 1997). In addition, the framework would also increase competition between government entities, use contracts to exploit the incentives in the market and increase competition between private sectors and public ones. Their idea was that the government would become an enterprising, catalyzing, decentralized, competitive, enterprising, community owned, mission driven, market oriented, customer driven and results oriented. Some of the opponents of the idea indicated that Osborne and Gaebler did not consider several important differences between businesses or private entities and government or public bodies (Pfiffner, 1997).

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