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Value-Adding Selling (Term Paper Sample)


Value adding selling


Value-Adding Selling
Value-Adding Selling
Customer Background
The selected car make is Audi and model is R8 Spyder. The cost of R8 Spyder car lies between $128,000 and $129,000. The name of the customer I have selected for this car is Steve Austin. Steve is currently a renowned rock musician in the United States of America. Steve’s hobbies include swimming, exploring new places, singing rock music and dancing. He enjoys going out with friends in classic cars to tour parks and other beautiful sceneries around the country. Steve holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Boise State University. Prior to commencement of his singing career, Steve was branch manager of Central Carolina Bank and Trust (CCBT). He worked for this bank for five years while operating a series of restaurant businesses across the city. Steve resigned from his banking managerial position in the year 2010 upon gaining popularity in the music production business. Steve Austin, also referred to as Rockzafalls in the music world, is one of the greatest entertainer in Carolina, Minnesota and New York city. Both individual and corporate event holders invite him to entertain their guests during functions, visits and anniversaries. Steve also entertains his restaurant customers on selected dates. Like any other popular musician, Rockzafalls needs to enter the rendezvous in style in order to attract attention of the masses.
Steve Austin is happily married to Nelly Austin. They are blessed with a two-year old boy, Barrack Austin. The family acquired a permanent residence in South Carolina in the year 2009. Steve Austin’s is a young family, which is currently in the development stage. Currently, Steve has two occupations: a restaurant businessperson and a musician. His net income from restaurant businesses ranges between $22,000 and 25,000 per month. Steve’s income from music depends on the season; however, it approximately ranges between $40,000 and $50,000 per month. Summing both incomes, Steve’s family income lies between $62,000 and $75,000 per month. Nelly Austin holds a masters degree in Finance from the University of Liverpool. She operates an established auditing firm headquartered in North Carolina. Nelly also adds approximately $45,000 monthly to Austin’s income.
Sales Script
Hello, I am Rickson from Audi Motors. I am trying to reach Steve Rockzafalls. May you help me reach him?
Hello Mr. Steve? I am Rickson from Audi Motors. Have I caught you in the middle of something that I may cause interruption?
Thank you. The purpose of my visit is to inform you that our company is devoted to building cars that can maintain the prestige of our esteemed customers. Our company engineers have devised a car that actually fits you and can serve you better. The car is classy and can actually enhance you popularity among your customers. I actually do not know if our products actually meet your needs; I will ask you a few questions to help us satisfy your needs.
Qualifying Questions
When we talk about prestigious cars to other celebrities, they express concerns with the following factors:
Cars that do not have adjustable features to suit different weather conditions.
Customers do not know the models of cars that are crucial for enhancing their fame and sustaining their popularity.
Excessive fuel consumption cars.
Cars with extremely little Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).
Which one of the above problems concerns you the most?
Do you feel that your current car satisfies your celebrity needs?
If it satisfies your needs, what are the primary features of the car that you consider the most significant for your business?
If the car does not satisfy your needs, what are the features of the car do you consider limiting the car’s utility.
Why do you think you prefer the car with the feature you that desire than the one without the features?
What are some of the alterations would you like to be made on your car to enhance its effectiveness?
If you were asked to choose between a closed-top and open-top car, which car would you choose? What are the reasons for choosing the car?
As I mentioned earlier, I work with Audi motors. The company manufactures classic cars, mainly for celebrities. We differ from other companies because we seek equilibrium between quality needs of the customer and costs of purchase and using our cars. Our engineers have developed computerized cars that you can adjust depending on weather conditions: they can be set to remain open when touring sceneries or switch to close the top during blazing sunshine or rainfalls. Additionally, the car’s Mean Time To Repair and fuel consumption rate has been reduced by 20% and 17% respectively.
This was a surprise visit, and I do not want to take much of your time right now. Are you interested in discussing this subject further? The appropriate time for the next stage is twenty to thirty minutes. I believe this will allow us sufficient time for discussing your needs in details and share beneficial insights that we have t offer. How busy are you next week on Wednesday or Friday? You may propose any other day that you feel most appropriate for our meeting.
Criteria for Evaluating Potential Customer’s Answers
Proper evaluation of the customers’ answers in cruc...
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