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Ethics and Ethical Behavior as it Relates to AEC Engineering Paper (Term Paper Sample)


You are required to write a paper on Ethics and Ethical Behavior as it relates to the
Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. The paper content should be
based on the concepts of ethics and ethical behavior as discussed in video lectures and within
the framework of the article entitled “The Fifty-Nine-Story Crisis” about the design flaws in
the Citicorp Tower and the ramifications of the actions taken by the different parties. Your
discussion of the paper should focus on ONE of the following two directions:
 Identifying and discussing the ethical dilemmas that faced each of the parties
involved; or
 Describing the expected turn in events if some of these key parties made different
decisions compared to those described in the article.
The paper must be well written, concise, with natural flow of ideas. The paper must have
minimum of 1500 words excluding references and must follow ASCE Writing Guidelines
The paper should also be well organized and free from spelling and grammar mistakes.
Students are encouraged to use headings and proper formatting to make it easier for the
reader to follow the line of thought. The grading of the paper will be based on its: technical
content, writing style, and organization.
The paper should be submitted by the deadline on Canvas using a word processing software.
Paper and email submissions will not be accepted with no exceptions. The paper will be
tested using the services of Turnitin to verify the authenticity and originality of the work
submitted as the student’s own.


Ethics and Ethical Behavior As It Relates to Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Designing and building professionals are often required to uphold excellent morals and ethical behaviors. As such, the contractors, project managers, architects, and engineers have significant professional conscience rights. Ethical conduct is highly correlated with legal conduct although the two do not usually overlap. In many cases, architectural, engineering, and construction organizations that motivate ethical behavior can help in decreasing uncertainty. The paper investigates the ethics and ethical practices and how it relates to architectural, engineering, and construction. The paper utilizes information from ASCE journals to discuss the topic in depth.
Personal ethics is a significant aspect of ethics and the architectural, construction, and engineering industry. Construction professionals interpret personal ethics as “treating others with the honesty that you would want them to treat you” (Vee & Skitmore 2003). However, scholars have suggested that professionals hold the belief that their responsibilities to their customers outweigh how they should be responsible to the public. In other instances, criticisms have been developed regarding how professionals should adhere to ethical standards. In contemporary society, construction, architecture, and engineering professionals gain respectability and integrity to a significant extent through practiced bodies such as the “Australian Institute of Building” that focuses on reflecting members' ideals for ethics, standards, and education. The institute's objectives are founded on codes of practice that define professionals’ responsibilities and roles. Moreover, the codes of conduct are the foundation of other ethics programs. It is paramount to note that codes are not sufficient to enhance ethical conduct. As such, they should be accompanied by employer training and practical responsibility assignments.

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