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Infrastructure Design of Kingsbury drive. Engineering Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


this was a civil engineering project where I was to simulate the intersection of a highway called Kingsbury drive, using Sidra software. the project was interesting and I successfully manage to get the student get an in this work


CIV4ID Infrastructure Design
[Institutional Affiliation]
Executive Summary
With the economic advancements, many people continue to own private cars, this has been the cause for traffic congestion in many towns, cities and urban centres. In fact, as years go by, traffic congestion continue to remain a threat that many people in the leadership position continue to grapple with. The statistics are out there carried out in the United States, that registered vehicle numbers have grown exponentially, that in 1990 the number of vehicles were less than 200 million and presently there are more than 250 million vehicles, which is a 25% increase over the years CITATION USD19 \l 2057 (US Department of Transportation, 2019). Even as this happens, the development of the capacity of the network is not directly proportionate to the rising number of automobiles in the highways. Again the evidence of this is a study done in the United States by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and Inrix on the Urban Mobility scorecard, indicates that the residents living Washington D.C. spend up to 82hours per annum as a result of slow traffic during the rush hour times, this they admit, is the most hours spent in traffic in the United States. This is followed by the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. In the year 2014, each commuter in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, was said to have lost 82 hours. This was translated to a yearly congestion cost of around $1,834 per commuter, for the 204.4 million commuters, which is around $4.6 billion CITATION Lit151 \l 2057 (Litman, 2015).
Globally, according to Inrix Bogota is the world leader in the hours lost in traffic, followed by Rome, Dublin and Moscow and the least among the cities where the survey was carried out, is Wichita, in Kansas city CITATION INR18 \l 2057 (INRIX, 2018). This paper or research will be concern with conducting the traffic analysis in Melbourne in Australia, at a place bounded by Darebin creek, Kingsway drive, and Preston Cemetery. On the analysis, this paper also probes the impacts of the traffic is having on the surrounding and recommend what measures needs to be taken to solve any traffic menace there might be. Using the SIDRA software, analysing the capacity will be possible and the evaluation of the impacts of the adjacent intersections at the site of study. With the software, there shall be a possibility is determining the parking slots availability from the land use.

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