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Analysis of Last Hope Emergency Care Centre (LHECC) (Term Paper Sample)


Healthcare Facility Assignment
For this assignment, you are designing your own “Fictional” Healthcare facility. The health care field has a very diverse workforce. Imagine that you have the job of staffing a new medical facility offering a minimum of ONE of the following example services:
Example Services: Emergency care, Labor and delivery care, Pediatric care, Primary care, General surgery, Hospice Care, Occupational Care, Speech Language Pathology, Long Term care, Recovery care, rehabilitation care, etc.
*If you want to design a healthcare facility that consist of more than one of the examples listed, you may*
Make sure your formal paper/PowerPoint presentation includes:
The following should be included in part one of your assignment:This assignment requires 5-10 pages, (Excluding Title and Reference Pages). The assignment should be typed and submitted on a Word Document , using Times New Roman or Calibri (not both) font in size 12, normal margins (no more than 1 inch), double spaced format. This written portion requires correct grammar, punctuation, and APA formatting. Each paragraph should contain a minimum of 4-6 complete sentences.
(Title Page) Name of the Facility
Mission, Vision, Objectives and Purpose for the Facility
List the Days and Hours of the facility operation
List if the facility is a for-profit and or non-for-profit organization and discuss the difference between a for-profit vs. non-for-profit organization.
Location: Geographical area (where is the medical facility) and include the measurements of the facility (square footage).
History of the Location
Discussion on targeted audience (gender, race/ethnicity, age group).
Size of the facility: List how many healthcare providers, office managers, staff, etc. are needed to meet the needs of your healthcare facility.
-List the salaries for each of healthcare providers, staff, office managers, etc.
-Describe the duties and responsibilities for each healthcare providers, staff, office managers, etc. listed for your healthcare facility.
Conclusion discussion on how the facility will meet a significant need or solve a problem or challenge that currently exists in the community/location of choice.
A minimum of Two (2) references are required in proper APA format. References can come from a refereed peer-reviewed journal article, course textbook, and/or an internet source.
*Feel free to search the internet for further information regarding salary requirements for the health care workers that would staff this clinic.*


Last Hope Emergency Care Centre (LHECC)
Department, Institution Affiliation
Course Code; Course Name
Instructor’s Name
Last Hope Emergency Care Centre (LHECC)
As its name suggests, Last Hope Emergency Care Center is a health facility that anticipates and restores hopes for every patient with any emergent need.
To optimize patient emergency needs by providing evidence-based, innovative, and value-adding emergency services and promoting national health regardless of any demographic factor.
To be the teaching, tertiary and premier emergency care facility in the United States.
LHECC's primary objective is to restore community health through offering 24-hour emergency services with the passion of assisting patients. Other objectives at LHECC include:
1 Enhancing patient experience.
2 Enhance services and care delivery.
3 Improve communal health.
4 Promote research, innovation, and clinical governance.
The purpose of LHECC is to save the lives of injured patients by offering different emergency care services. LHECC offers quality services with limited wait times by using state-of-art equipment. The health care facility has also implemented emergency care standards with advanced technologies to promote patients' satisfaction. LHECC also offers patient education on the most effective methods of reducing injuries and accidents. Lastly, the facility is positioned to promote growth among young healthcare professionals.
Type of the Facility (Non-Profit Organization)
LHECC is a non-profit organization with an aim for restoring human health, not in exchange for money. Regardless of the resources needed in conducting operations, LHECC relies on grants and sponsors who value humanity. It also receives adequate donations from good wishers, making it able to pay healthcare employees. It does not engage in any type of business for for-profit purposes.
The difference between non-profit and for- profit organizations is dependent on profit-making. For-profit organizations aims to make profit after which it is transferred to shareholders or company owners. On the other hand, a non-profit organization ensures appropriate services to help societies and communities by maximizing revenues, reducing costs, and improving health literacy (Brach, 2017). Due to their aims of assisting the community, non-profit organizations do not pay taxes. Instead, they are credited by the government, especially health-related organizations.
Lastly, a critical difference between a for-profit organization and a non-profit organization applying to most health facilities such as LHECC is the income statement. For-profit organizations quarterly prepare the income statements and forward them to the shareholders. This is done to determine the financial position based on profits made. Contrary to profit organizations, non-profit organizations instead generate a list of activities and forward them to donors and the public. These organizations also focus on health literacy among health professionals (Brach, 2017). It is from the lists that such organizations market themselves and mobilize resource allocation.
With its accessible location, LHECC provides onsite services with reduced wait times. It is located in Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan in New York. The facility operates 50 beds with different experts in surgery. It is situated in a 20-acre piece of land (871,200 square footage). Despite its rural location, it is still accessible due to modernized roads parking centers. It is located along Manhattan road, approximately 2 miles from Manhattan.
History of Location
Historically, LHECC's location is linked to Greenwich Village, traditionally known as a northwest corner. Its location was cleared by the Dutch for freed Africans settlement. It was initially known as Northwick District. Initially, the facility was named Greenwich Care. However, its name has been transformed to LHECC, enabling it to care among all the patients and not limited to those in Green witch village.
Targeted Audience
LHECC targets any American, Black or White. It majorly assists the disabled and low-income patients who cannot financially cater for their emergent situations. The facility targets patients above 40 years. LHECC also patients with emergencies such as accidents, blood clots, spinal injuries, strep throat, migraines, allergic reactions, and emergent abdominal pain. With the identified target audience, the organization can achieve its primary health restoration objective among financially disadvantaged patients.
LHECC is large enough to accommodate approximately 100 outpatients and 50 inpatients at ago. It offers diverse services ranging from stroke to physical injury. However, it requires more health providers due to the large targeted group. Ten more emergency care providers are required, including physicians and specialists. However, it requires five staff with 20 casual workers. With the identified workforce population, it will be easier to reduce the wait times among the injured patients. The facility is emergency-based; therefore, no room should be available, which risks the patient's lives. Therefore, it requires approximately 40 more employees to achieve its healthcare objectives.
LHECC Salary Description

Monthly Salary ($)

Emergency room (ER) Doctor


Emergency Room (ER) Nurse


Emergency Room Technician (EMT)


Medical Office Manager


Healthcare Administrator


Office Secretary




Roles and Responsibilities
Emergency Room (ER) Doctor
ER Doctor is an important healthcare provider in an emergency healthcare facility. The healthcare professional is responsible for supervising the Emergency Department. Whenever a patient arrives within the facility, an ER doctor should ensure that all care provided is safe and will ultimately lead to a positive outcome. Therefore, they should ensure that they work hand in hand with other departments from admission to discharge by coordinating all the activities (Alvarez et al., 2018). Coordinated collaboration among healthcare experts assists patients with critical conditions in the Emergency room. ER Doctor is also responsible for implementing emergency protocols, patient flow, and triage. The major role of ER doctors in a new facility such as LHECC is to ensure that the Triage system is established with the ED team's help.
Emergency Room (ER) Nurse
The main role of ER Nurse is to attend to any patient in a traumatic condition. The nurse has skills in general patient care and assessing patients with emergency needs. Such a role can be played with the RN, but unless they specialize in emergency actions. Their responsibility is to provide reliable care among the patient upon arrival to the facility. They also handle very critical situations such as proper care and high-pressure situation. They also attend to patients who have been sick for a long period but require immediate attention. Despite having the power to perform surgeries, ER nurses should defend patients who require surgery before they are forwarded to ER surgeons. They should prepare these patients for surgical operations or any other step that is above their role. The identified nurses also have the responsibility of cooling the environment in a chaotic situation to appropriately attend to the patient. Therefore, an ER Nurse should have adequate stress management skills to deliver care effectively due to such roles.
Emergency Room Technician (ERT)
Regardless of their technical roles in the healthcare facility, ERT determines the success of most emergency operations. ERT's critical role is to provide support among the medical team. Whether the medical team is in surgical operation or patient nursing, their roles remain intact. ERT should closely monitor the patient's temperature, pulse, and blood pressure. They are also responsible for collecting samples such as urine, stool, and blood for testing. They also participate in general duties, including dressing wounds, transporting patients, fitting patients for casts and crutches, and communicating with the patient's family members. Lastly, they begin IV lines and discharge the patients. Therefore an ER plays more duties, and a health facility requires an adequate number to achieve its goals and objective.
Regardless of their general roles in providing healthcare, APRNS can also work in the emergency care center. However, for an APRN to be employed in such center, they

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