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Summary and Analysis of Nurse Manager Interview (Term Paper Sample)


Interview a nurse manager to explore the external factors that influence decision making such as health policy, regulatory requirements, accreditation, and health care financing.
Provide an overview of the role of the nurse manager interviewed. Summarize the information from the interview (do not report the interview question by question)
Perceptions related to impact on health policy on decision. Perceptions related to impact of regulatory agencies on decision making. Perceptions related to impact of health care financing on decision making.
Analysis of the interview supported by the literature.
The paper is to be clear and concise and students will lose points for improper grammar, punctuation and misspelling.
The paper is to be no shorter than 4 pages; nor longer than 5 pages in length, excluding the title, abstract and references page.
Your paper should be formatted per APA and references should be current (published within last five years) scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions).
Incorporate a minimum of 3 current (published within last five years) scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions) within your work. Journal articles and books should be referenced according to current APA style (the library has a copy of the APA Manual)


Summary and Analysis of Nurse Manager Interview
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Summary and Analysis of Nurse Manager Interview
The quality of services offered in healthcare facilities is determined not only by the nurse managers' competence but also by other external factors beyond the practitioners' control. Nurse Managers supervise the novice nurses in the care of patients. They thus need to be competent in human resource management aspects and other social skills that would foster positive relationships with their juniors. Nurse Managers also take part in their nurses' care since this is their primary role in the medical profession. The nurse manager interviewed is Mr. X of one of the most extensive public healthcare facilities in the region. The nurses’ clinical decisions are determined by healthcare policies and regulations, accreditation requirements, and the financing of the healthcare sector.
Role of the Interviewed Nurse Manager
There are several roles played by Mr. X, as reported during the interview. First, he is involved in the care of clients visiting the hospital. The interviewee reported that he takes part in patients' care, where she assesses, diagnoses, and treats them. His role is thus aligned with the arguments of Moore, Sublett, and Leahy (2016), who state that the registered nurses' primary responsibility is to treat patients and ensure that their desired level of wellness is realized. The nurse manager reported that besides taking care of patients within the facility also visits homes to check on the progress of the patients placed on home-based care programs. He also reported that he works with communities empowering them on sound health practices they should adopt to realize their desired state of health. Thus, patient care is one of his primary responsibilities.
Additionally, the nurse manager interviewed reported that he is involved in managerial duties. He reported that he is the head of the nursing department and, therefore, involved in staffing, appraisal, and deployment of nurses in different facility sections. He also reported that he manages the home-based nursing division of the facility, where she assigns the juniors nurses to care for the patients based on the home care programs. His managerial duties align with Gunawan et al.'s (2018)’s assertion that registered nurses are involved in administrative duties where they head nursing divisions and supervise their juniors at care settings. The interviewee’s role is also aligned with that of the nurses in the emergency department (ED) where I work. I have noted that some nurses in the ED work in home-based care settings. Thus, the nurse manager interviewed roles are not pinned only on care for patients and overseeing the facility's activities.

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