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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Is Nursing an Art or Science? (Term Paper Sample)


In your own opinion citing relevant sources is Nursing an art or a science
3 page double spaced 2 refences


Topic: Nursing as an art or science?
In the nursing practice, art and science are significant terms, nursing basically entails both of them. In real sense the terms have a particular meaning and a defining characteristics in the nature illustration. Despite this, nursing as an art is more logical and their arguments as an art outweigh nursing as a science. As an art it have various components, medium, process as well as the product. However, art of nursing is a great deal of science. It’s acting rather not knowing. However, this bridges the information to patients from nurses in a well skilled way.
Innate capacity in responding to the needs of an individual is the art of nursing. This is awakened through constant interaction with the patients. Nursing is performed in relational work, there must be power in healing the sick .moreover, instead of comfort, fear should be built within the patients.(Barn Steiner,2014). Let’s say nurse might not know the cause of the disease but her art on therapeutic communication will enable the patient to recover and understand himself well. Therefore it’s good to understand the procedures which are done outside the context of the existing protocols as well as the sterile techniques.
In real since ,nurses are always overwhelmed while nursing is defined as a science where there is a very high end technology environment, in this case they will try to deliver human nursing care towards the patients and they will be mindful of other people this will help us to define nursing as an art,(Fingeld,2008).Nurses on the other hand is grounded in meta physical information rather a science in nursing .Moreover, nursing foundation began as an art which proceeded to nurturing compassion.However,it have evolved into science using framework which guide the research of nursing guide.
Nursing knowledge which have evolved from the empowerment of the professional nursing which is much fundamental values as well as the knowledge in order to be able to improve the patient outcomes to present day by day. Morals and ethics, personal knowing, aesthetics knowing and empirics. Embracing the patterns of knowing the nursing professional use the characteristics as well as understanding in the assessment, planning, evaluation as well as implementation into evidence based working. Healthcare people such as nurses creates unity in the innate art of nursing which happens through compassion and nurturing with science of nursing in which there is share of the gained information as well as the scientific approach to treat whole crew of the patients.

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