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Essentials of Health Policies and Law in United States of America (Term Paper Sample)


Explain the essentials of health policies and law in the united states of America


Numerous entities provide healthcare in the United States; insurance companies, healthcare providers, hospital systems, and independent providers. Healthcare infrastructure is prominently owned and operated by the private sector. Over 50% of the community hospitals are non-profit organizations, 20% are government-run, and the rest are profit-oriented. World health organization (WHO) records that the united states spent over $9000 on health care per capita, a quarter of their national GDP in 2014. Healthcare is provided by a blend of private health insurance and public health coverage. 
           In previous years, Medicare, Medicaid, the Children's Healthcare Insurance Program funded the healthcare system via Medicare, Medicaid, the children's healthcare insurance program, and veterans' health administration. Under 65 years get their medical coverage from their family members' employer, buying their insurance cover or earning government income. The government generally provides public workers as their employers. Managed care, where buyer's custom several means intended to improve quality and control cost, has become abundant. Life expectancy in the united states is ranked 42nd among 224 countries and 22nd out of 35 developed countries.
In 2010, the patient protection and affordable care act 'Obamacare' was made law bringing many changes in health insurance and having the supreme court back up in 2012 and assured insurance exchange subsidies in every state in June 2015. Through the Affordable Care Act, immigrants who live in the United States of America receive medical insurance at discounted rates; this does not apply to those who have not acquired U.S. citizenship. Medical policies such as the protection act and the affordable care act aim to grow further the health insurance coverage aimed at improving refugee health in the United States, increasing healthcare access.
           Healthcare financing is an extension of the social protection scheme defined by the European Union of Integrated Social Protection Statistics (ESSPROS). In the united states, health services are paid for in a variety of ways. For example, people receive medical services directly by paying cash, getting medical coverage by buying insurance from 

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