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Reproductive Control And Health Health, Medicine, Nursing Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


The task here was to examine factors related to reproduction control. In this paper, the health matters of women were looked at a level of how reproduction is controlled and it's effect.


Reproductive Control and Health
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Reproductive Control and Health
The number one cause of disability and mortality among females of childbearing age worldwide is lack of reproductive health and control. Reproductive health can be defined as the right to reproductive health care as well as that of reproductive self- determination. Reproductive control refers to the women deciding how many children and their spacing in her life as well as whom to get children with. This essay argues that a lack of reproductive control and access to health services is a symptom of women’s low status and power.
The right to reproductive health is encapsulated in many countries’ constitutions as globally promoted by the world health organization. Despite this protection, women still die from lack of reductive health. One of the ways that show women’s low status and power leads to poor reproductive health is that research show that the risk of maternal death increases with the decreasing economic status of a country which automatically affects the status of women in the society. For instance, one woman dies of maternal conditions in 4900 in developed countries while the ratio is 1:36 in sub-Saharan Africa where most developing countries are.
Secondly, in these countries, despite women being protected by law to reproductive health right, they are still prevented from achieving it by traditional customs and practices, patriarchal family systems, as well as religious extremism, factors that are strongest in the developing countries. In these countries, it is still men who dictate when and how many children will a family have; the law is poorly reinforced to make sure men to support their sired c

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