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Vicarious Trauma Program Health, Medicine, Nursing Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


describe the Program planning and policies process including
the benefits of incorporating components of various approaches to conducting a needs
assessment, selecting the appropriate statistics for analysis of data and the target
audience for the program and how this is relevant to the Saint Leo University Core
Values of Excellence and Integrity in the context of health care policy analysis.


Healthcare Policy Analysis
Healthcare Program: Vicarious Trauma Program
Authors Name:
Submission Date:
Table of Contents
TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1.0. Introduction PAGEREF _Toc32751361 \h 4
1.1. Thesis/Problem Statement: PAGEREF _Toc32751362 \h 5
1.2. Research Questions: PAGEREF _Toc32751363 \h 5
2.0. Toolkit Model: Vicarious Trauma Toolkit (VTT) PAGEREF _Toc32751364 \h 5
3.0. Vulnerability or Risks of Vicarious Trauma PAGEREF _Toc32751365 \h 7
4.0. Negative Reactions/Effects of Vicarious Trauma PAGEREF _Toc32751366 \h 8
5.0. Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of Vicarious Trauma Programs in the US PAGEREF _Toc32751367 \h 9
5.1. Planning for Vicarious Trauma Programs: VT-ORG PAGEREF _Toc32751368 \h 10
5.2. Implementing the Vicarious Trauma Programs: Compendium of Resources PAGEREF _Toc32751369 \h 11
5.2.1. Sector-wise/Field Resources: PAGEREF _Toc32751370 \h 12
5.2.2. Existing Literature/Research PAGEREF _Toc32751371 \h 12
5.2.3. New Tools in the Field: PAGEREF _Toc32751372 \h 12
5.2.4. Videos, Podcasts and Websites PAGEREF _Toc32751373 \h 13
6.0. Evaluation of Vicarious Trauma Programs: PAGEREF _Toc32751374 \h 13
7.0. Conclusion: PAGEREF _Toc32751375 \h 14
8.0. References: PAGEREF _Toc32751376 \h 14
1.0. Introduction
Vicarious trauma is a term that refers to wearing out of the human soul because of compassion. It is an occupation mental health condition that emanates from conducting daily activities with fear that vividly depicts the horrific images of fear. According to the (Office of Justice Programs, n.d.), vicarious trauma may is an occupational health challenge affecting individuals who are either volunteering, or working in the various victim-related services. The services that target victims include fire services, professional medical services, emergency response team, law enforcement and other allied occupations.
Vicarious trauma emanates from their frequent exposure to the violence and the victims of trauma-related incidences. This occupational trauma (Vicarious trauma), may effectively transpire from past experiences. For instance, instance like responding to the occurrence of mass violence, meeting or hearing about the respective aftermath of violence-related incidences, reviewing violence and victim case files, evaluating or reviewing videos showcasing exploited children and exposure to other traumatic experiences.
Ideally, the (Office of Justice Programs, n.d.) indicates that most professionals uniquely respond to vicarious trauma in varied or different ways and that in the event of the mass violence of frequently being exposed to the traumatic experiences they are bound to change their worldview ultimately. Some of the victims of vicarious trauma may end up either being more fearful or cynical about the current situation or scenario others often depict content tendencies as they eventually become more appreciative of everything they have in life. The respective responses to the vicarious traumatic experience vary significantly from person to person, especially in the case of prolonged exposure to the occupational health-related challenge.
1.1. Thesis/Problem Statement:
Compassion is a term that is perfectly coined to refer to the desirable traits and character that is obtained when one chooses noble occupations or professions for instance: the fire men, medical professionals, working in emergency response teams, law enforcement officers among other compassionate occupations. Additionally, vicarious trauma or compassion fatigue is an occupational health mental or psychological challenge that affects individuals working in compassionate professions in the UK or persons who are frequently exposed to victims of trauma. Therefore, the main objective of this research study is to provide a comprehensive and candid evaluation of the planning, implementation and evaluation activities that went into the design of vicarious programs in the US.

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