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End of Life Care Health, Medicine, Nursing Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


answering multiple questions based on palliative care


End of Life Care
End of Life Care
Whether Competent Adults Have the Right to Choose Physicians-Assisted Suicide
I think adults have the right to choose physician-assisted suicide because every individual has the right to autonomy. The right to autonomy gives every patient the freedom to decide on their medical treatment without the influence of the physician. Therefore, if a person feels that it is proper to end their life, then that right should be obeyed.
Whether Physicians-Assisted Suicide be Legal in Every State
In my opinion, physician-assisted suicide should be made legal in every state because each person’s right should be respected irrespective of their location. Health professionals are expected to advise patients but obey their decisions. The rights of People who feel that they are suffering and spending much money in treating a condition that cannot get cured should be respected without discriminating them based on their state.

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