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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Inter professional collaboration in Healthcare Medicine Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Definition and different types of heart failure.
Prevalence and incidence in Ontario or Canada
Environment of care and stage of
disease (rehabilitation phase)
List 4 healthcare providers who are
involved in the treatment of the selected
health condition ( Family Physician, Dieticians, Physiotherapist & Social worker)
Detail the care provided by each provider
Summarize Heart failure,
and the various care provided, and why
nursing care is important


Heart Failure
Student’s Name
University Affiliation
Heart Failure
Heart failure is a compound clinical condition that can be caused by any functional or structural cardiac disorder that hampers ventricle from ejecting blood. In the simple terms, it refers to inability of the health muscles to pump blood with normal efficiency to main parts of the body like the liver, brain and kidneys. Congestive heart failure can be caused by conditions such as coronary artery disease that result in dyspnea, stasis, edema, cyanosis, cardiac asthma or portal. In 2000, heart failure was the second highest cause of hospital admissions in Canada with approximately 1-year case fatality rate upon discharge from the health centers. In 2013, Canada spent about y $482 million in 2013 in the treatment of heart failure and related complications. However, there is a projection that this figure will increase to $720 million by 2030 (Yeung et al., 2012).

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