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Crisis intervention-Psychosis Health, Medicine, Nursing Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Address a given case using the book Richard James, Burl Gilliland "crisis intervention"


Crisis Intervention- Psychosis
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Crisis Intervention – Psychosis
Background description of the situation
Severe psychiatric illness or mental disorders often appear in phases. Following treatment, people suffering from mental illness tend to experience a sustained period of relative stability (Kim, 2008). However, relapses tend to occur when a patient is exposed to difficulties with medication. This psychosis relapse tend to cause sudden acute symptoms including hallucination, delusions, difficult and disturbed behavior, aggression and some become event violent, threatening to harm themselves and others. Crisis interventions are critical to bringing the much needed relief for the patient and their caregivers, thus helping them to prevent further health deterioration (Kim, 2008; Grace College, 2016). The focus of this article is to explore a crisis intervention model of care that was used or could be used to provide support and relief to a friend suffering from psychotic condition caused due to adverse drug interaction.
Description of the situation
My friend needed to take a trip to the Dominican Republic. During that time, there was significant media reports of deaths resulting from a dengay fever outbreak. My friend got a prescription for Meflaquinea drug that treats malaria to use before, during and after his trip to the Dominican Republic.

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