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Assignment 3-814. Global Market Competitiveness. Management Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Assignment 3-814. Global Market Competitiveness. Management Term Paper


Assignment 3-814
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Despite the legal requirements for cultural diversity, women and minorities are still excluded form senior positions in the U.S. federal government. This paper expounds the importance of cultural diversity to the U.S. federal government to ensure all workers are included in government positions regardless of their cultural background. Research reveals that diversity exploits the talents of all workers, improving productivity and competitiveness in the global market. Cultural diversity is also a necessity to the federal government as it improves the economic status of marginalized workers. Also, the essay confirms that diversity reduces employee turnover by making all workers feel valued and appreciated in organizations. Finally, it is revealed that cultural diversity is integral in promoting creativity in federal agencies, particularly since it allows individuals from different backgrounds to exchange ideas. Given the positive impact of cultural diversity on productivity and competitiveness, workers’ economic status, employee turnover, and creativity, these results imply that the government should strive to employ people from different cultural backgrounds.
Assignment 3-814
Organizations are experiencing heterogeneity due to significant demographic changes an trends in the American labor force. Markedly, businesses are operating in a context characterized by new global markets and significant demographic shifts. For this reason, diversity is on the verge of becoming a necessity instead of a formality that organizations implement to be compliant with rules and regulations in relevant jurisdictions. Important to realize, public organizations have more diverse workforces in terms of age and culture than private companies. However, although the U.S. federal government complies with the legal requirements of diversity in the workforce, women, ethnic minorities, and older workers are increasingly becoming excluded from circles of influence in government organizations (Choi, 2008, p.604). As a result, these demographic groups are denied the opportunity to contribute and benefit from their involvement in the workplace fully. 

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