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The Assessment Test Technology Term Paper Coursework (Term Paper Sample)




1.a What are the dimensions of the following quantities: acceleration, momentum, and force(3mks)
a= LT-2
Momentum = MLT-1
F =MLT-2
2.(b) Verify whether the following equation is dimensionally correct. If it is not so what should be the dimensions. (2marks)
S = ut +1/2(9.81)t2
Ut + ½(9.8)t2 = LT-1(T) +1/2(9.81)(T2)
=L + 4.955T2
It’s not dimensionally correct
3. A bullet penetrates through a wooden block at a close range when fired with a rifle at a speed of 25m/s and acceleration of 500m/s2. Find the distance travelled through which the bullet penetrates.(2mks)
u = 10m/s, a = -500m/s, v = 0m/s, s =?
v2 = u2 + 2as
0 = 625 + (2×-500×s)
0 = 625-1000s
1000s =625
4. A ball is projected horizontally with a velocity of magnitude 10m/s. Find its
i) Position after 2 seconds

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