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City Plan Technology Term Paper Research Coursework (Term Paper Sample)


Posting responses to several questions on city planning


City Planning
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Quiz 1: Provide a brief overview of the Queensland’s planning framework under the new Planning Act 2016. Discuss some of the strengths and weaknesses of the new planning framework
The planning Act 2016 was enacted on 25 May 2016 after being passed by the Legislative Assembly. The Planning Act 2016 captures important reforms highlighted in the Better Planning for Queensland Directions Paper. This important legislation replaced the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 and focused on a broad range of efforts, including supporting local governments to adapt and implement the changes, developing legislation that has a practical structure and expresses how land use development evaluation/ assessment and land use planning will be done in Queensland, creating an accountable, transparent, and open planning system that delivers community and investment confidence, ensuring efficient and effective public engagement and participation in planning framework, and enabling improved or better strategic outcome as well as high quality development outcomes ( Queensland Government, 2017). The Planning Act covers how local planning instruments are made and altered as well as how they relate to other instruments. These planning instruments encompass planning scheme policies, temporal local planning instruments, and planning schemes. The new arrangement under the Planning Act include more flexibility for local government to negotiate with the Queensland State a process for plan making that effectively suits the needs of the local people or community. The Planning Act 2016 gives more priority to community consultation as the rules mandate important consultation and expectations. Under the new legislation, applications can still be made requesting the local government to take into consideration applying a superseded planning scheme to a development proposal. The Planning Act 2016 provides for how a request can be made, when development will commence, the decision as well as other related matters. The new legislation provide for who may designate between the local government and Planning Minister, the continuing requirements for them to be recognized in the planning scheme, extension, duration, and amendments. The Planning Act 2016 provide for a described guideline made by the minister in charge of planning to come up with a process for conducting consultation and evaluation for a proposed amendment and designation of a designation. The new legislation provide three categories of assessments. These assessments encompass prohibited, assessable, and accepted together with the concept of a categorizing instrument as well as an exemption certificates for certain evaluation development.

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