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Technological Advancement in the Police Force (Term Paper Sample)


The task is to critically analyse a technology article.


Critical analysis
Student’s name
The recent developments on the police force in most parts of the world intended to bring the security career into sanity by simplifying the complicated methods of dealing with crime. Technology as the central aspect of these progress leaves some criticism on the way the implementation process gets undertaken, and the goal never becomes achieved as planned. The primary issue of concern is the great expenditure spent on trying to reach the technological advance in the police force. Many articles have developed these ideas of how the forces remain routes where government funds get into drains. The research paper deals with a critical analysis of a juried article on the matter concerning the police and the way various issues are raised and also focusing on the gaps that require further investigation or further information.
Gap in the article
Focusing on the time frame, the article employs some references from a time when technological advancements were still at the early levels of development. Issues discussed in a long time ago and then mixing with the current issues creates a gap of time. The authors of various materials bring out their argument based on the arising problems of the time. As time proceeds, the issues get transformed into new topics that require another method of reasoning. Therefore, the article has mixed up ideologies based on the time in which the author developed the argument. For instance, how the police system was in the past years got transformed in the recent and current times. Bringing the policing issue at the limelight, technology as discussed plays a role in enhancing the activities carried out by the police officers as individuals as well as the security system at large. The developments simplify the traditional manual operations that took more time, and the issue under investigation could end up getting outdated especially when the survey had a time frame (Lum et al. 2017).
The article argues the problem being with individual effectiveness rather than the technology on its own. However, some techniques instituted in the police force may also pose the challenge rather than the individuals who employ the skill. In some cases, lack of adequate skills in the required technology in a particular area of practice may lead to the installation of technological systems which do not serve the essential purpose. In the institution of the best methods, the knowledge of the technology in question and the required use. It remains true as the article argues that the right technology may lack efficiency due to the method in which it is instituted. Such an aspect compares to the other areas apart from the police force where technology is required but for the wrong purpose (Lum et al. 2017). In all categories of technology and the idea behind the developers base their developments to improve the current situation to mitigate the current issues. The article’s basis on arguing against technology insinuates that the advancement in operation method remains ineffective in the long run.
A two-way stand on the author’s discussion of the matter creates confusion to the reader on what direction to take. Both ways of argument mix the thesis and topic under review in which the writer proposes at the beginning of research. How the subject presents the matter, and the mixed aspects do not have a stand on where to base the case. Supporting a thesis to the final point creates a conviction to the audience who gets interested in the written work. Providing a variety of viewpoints to the viewer may fail to deliver the sought information. Focusing on the topic which discusses the challenges faced by technology in the police force creates an image

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